Your Top 5 Outscape Wants?

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since we last asked this…

What are the Top 5 things you most want to see added to Outscape or changed?

  • Don’t avoid putting something because someone else did - the more times we see something the more popular we’ll know it is!
  • You can put less than 5 if you want
  • Please keep each point as brief as you can (you can link to another thread if you want to expand on something)
  • Please keep this thread to submitting lists rather than discussing what others have submitted
  • You can post priority bugs to this thread instead of on your list here
  • We use this info to help ensure we’re prioritizing the right things

Thanks :slight_smile:

  • ENDGAME content, something worth to fight over

  • REBALANCE of all the ship classes so lower tier ships have their place in combat aswell as cost changes so people cannot spam massive amounts of battleships fleets

  • easier VISIBILITY of player colonies on the galaxy map so there is more interaction of players in general

  • a real PROTECTION mechanic for casual players that doesnt slow down attacks between hardcore players

  • EXPLORATION content, cool stuff to find, riddles to solve

  • shared vision for alliances (and perhaps treaty players too, for those who don’t want to be in alliances but have friends?)

-ability to set players/alliances as allies/neutral/enemies

  • (this is a small thing), but the ability to share coords in chats, a drag button that copies the coords of whatever you drag it on to

  • fleet formations, the ability to make our own preset formations
    Not to complicate it but formations that make themselves available once you have certain ships in the fleet (aka a formation that becomes available once you have 5 battleships 5 cruisers and 6 destroyers)

  • the ability to select multiple fleets and move them at once (when we have multiple fleets that need to go to the same place)

  • planet queues (and ship queues), the ability to cancel more than one building at a time (if I have a queue of 20 mines, the ability to cancel them all at once or just select 10 to unqueue) (similar to when building/upgrading)

  • when fleet is at max (ie 60/60 fleets) ships are built into the docks (if there is a dock on the same yard as the planet

  • ability to set way points for built ships
    Aka make it so ships that come out of yard X get sent to planet B in system Y

  • revamp play with friends
    Instead of a spawn code into a planet, they get a code and get spawned into their own “area” as close as possible to the player who gave the code (it should account any other players near the one who sent the invite)

  • ENDGAME content, something worth to fight over but includes great risk and immensly increase level of VISIBILITY for those who take part in such a challenge
  • a real PROTECTION mechanic for fleets while at least 24h offline. Players need time to live no matter who they are hardcore ones or casual.
  • REBALANCE of all the ship classes so lower tier ships have their place in combat aswell as cost changes so people cannot spam massive amounts of battleships fleets
  • SOLUTION OF OLD INTERFACE PROBLEMS For example. It is so boring to give the same order (i.e. to move from A to B) for great nubmer of fleets. U need to repeat one action for tens of times. Pls give us ability to do it ones for every fleet that stands near to each other. Or limit of 10 max buildings when u wish to order 100-200 ones is crazy anoyance too. etc
  • EXPLORATION content, cool stuff to find, riddles to solve
  • Meta-Alliance Mitigation: make long distance warfare increasing difficult and expensive.

  • Tech Tree Specialization: no one sould finish all tech.

  • Upkeeps: meaningful ongoing resource and credit expenses.

  • Crews and Agents: units accruing experience.

  • Multi-race Planets: more than two races. Scale all racials.

  • Remove minefields.
  • Add mechanics for better offline defense. (system level guard fleets, defense installations)
  • Improve queues. (Make queues longer, add a queue for the ship designer, only shut down the structures that are actually being upgraded)
  • Add fleet formation templates/designs. (with the option to build complete fleets in shipyards)
  • Fix the economy. (Add upkeep for structures, ships, troops and treaties. Increase cost for larger/stronger ships/modules)
  1. Add the ability to create preset fleet formations with preset targeting

  2. Redesign of planetary bombing, it’s too easy and quick now

  3. Improve System defense by adding the ability to set up guard fleets that can be set to ignore certain types of fleet types (ie., scouts, vettes) so they focus on real threats.

  4. Continue to improve alliance mechanics (shared vision, expand roles, etc)

  5. Fix the spawning algorithm so we can spawn into sectors near friends, eliminate spawn codes.


Might I suggest a poll pop-up in game with a field for people to type things in. :slight_smile:

I think you will get the best possible feedback for this kind of question this way… BUT here are mine, which pretty much mimic Rae’s:

  1. Endgame stuff… Things worth fighting for are already there, they are just too abundant currently…
  2. Additional ship hulls and a MUCH larger tech tree in general…
  3. Alliance pacts
  4. Optimization of map and it’s uses in-game
  5. Anomalies :slight_smile: that certain techs can only be unlocked by finding, or knowing someone who has found it.
  • Remove mines!

  • Automatic scouting, it currently waste sooooooo much time, and finding people late game is terrible

  • planet list interface update so it displays the useful information. It needs to show and be sort-able by the most important stat thats not even listed, max population (landmass * size). It also needs some way to sort by distance from point. Sorting to see an planets 1000ly away doesn’t do any good. Having to keep track of all the planet data outside of the game in spreadsheets sucks.

  • Planet warfare rework, ODS mechanics is bad, invasions are next to impossible, and bombardment is way to fast and deletes planets. Change it so invasions are the main method, and bombardment is to support invasions, and so you can sit fleets in planetary orbit to blockade. A more detailed thoughts and possible solution Planetary conquest must change-solution proposed

  • Fleet speed rework and boarders. It next to impossible to force combat between 2 fleets of the same speed if players are online to micro them. When the only speeds in the game are w3 and w9 it becomes a problem. It be great is boarders where added and while in your space got +1 warp, and/or while in hostile space got -1 warp (or +.5/-.5). Or have fuel solve this problem in some way, but having to trade combat effectiveness for speed to catch things doesn’t work. (also should probably have a way to catch corvettes with something other then corvettes in home territory because of how drastic the balance is between races. Maybe a 10/1 engine but with terrible fuel efficiency?)


i would suggest playing the game yourself so you can experience issues firsthand.

besides planet invasions which are broken, the orbital bombardment micromanagement, the 35 ods on planets, the game mechanics are beyond awful

start the game and build a population transport and try to offload all colonists(abandon the planet). you’ll find you hit “max” and the current planet max appears as the number of colonists to offload. then you get an annoying popup telling you there will not be enough colonists to operate everything if you offload that number.

you hit yes. by the time that is done 4-5 colonists are left on the planet. There are literalyl dozens of such things that add up to make the game “burdensome.”

not being able to stack fleets and move them as a group, not being able to circle ships with mouse and move everything in circle as a groups, things like that.

having to explore every single planet in the system. there should be a tech that lets a scout scan every planet in the system once it enters the system.

player planets should have a red halo around them so they are easy to spot-which was a good idea for the start of the fast galaxy, but the red rings should stay up the entire galaxy, not for just 5 days.

  1. A different system for protecting offline players systems that has a risk/reward balance, ie. You can pay for security or take a risk and benefit. This means getting rid of or changing ODS/mines.

  2. Auto pathing/scouting. Too laborious, low QoL.

  3. UI fixes. Annoying things like picking a planet destination and having it path to the spot in space where the mouse cursor happened to be.

  4. Endgame/purpose for having territory and alliances.

  5. See #1. It will be the death of this game if not fixed. Casuals and hardcores need to coexist.


#1 - Carrier Module Change

#2 - Ordinance in galaxy overview

#3 - More fun looking battles. Have the two fleets spawn further away. Weapon animations, like the firing and projectile hit explosions. Turrets actually rotating.

#4 - More variety of weapons. Right now theres really about 6 choices of medium weapons, and 4 of those are the same weapon really. For large theres even less. Torpedos, or lightning guns. Carriers are a failed weapon.

#5 - Special tech for destroyers. This could be a simple module that takes power and gives destroyers a percentage dps boost. It could be a module that increases rate of fire. Just a special tech that only destroyers can use.


I think my biggest issue right now is what’s wrong with the present game: minefield balance and bugs. I want minefields, maybe make them easier to detect and auto avoid until a more permanent solution is found, but imo, they should stay. Bugs with the minefield and others are causing too much grief.

Interaction with NPCs: conquoring pirate worlds, trading with roaming caravans, negotiating/completing quests with the non-pc races, and events vs NPCs.

Invasions should happen in stages and players should be allowed to influence the fight.

Specialization mechanics that allow players to develop their own unique society whether by repeatedly re-searchable techs, heroes or, other:

Additional resources that encourage players to trade with their neighbors adding other layers of game play as well as enhanced treaties such as mutual protection pacts and the trade/sale of resources.

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  1. Introduce Sectors to allow for Alliance members to spawn together

  2. Prevent ODS spam and End-game Orbital Strike destroying planets

  3. Casual players are VERY important, they form the bulk of your paying players, give them reasonable chances to compete with 24/7 hardcore players.

  4. Tech Tree expansion and specialization

  5. A more Vibrant economy, introduce new rare resources, introduce Building maintenance costs and fleet upkeep cost.


#1 upgrades for fuel modules and engine
#2 unique abilities planets and such. things to fight over
#3 more interactive orbital defense and invasion structure
#4 more unique weapon and upgrade tree for the individual races
#5 unique player upgrades based on the player point system.

  1. I would like to see a defense turret platform that can be built out within open space. Player builds them by a construction module.

  2. Shields for planets

  3. Hyper Gates for decreased space travel time between two hyper gates.

  4. To be able to set way points for fleets

  5. The fleet battles would be so much better if the fleets can be operated by an online player to actually control fleet movements through a 3 dimensional battlefield

  1. Improve progression and strategic depth by allowing more planets to be colonized.
  2. Improve progression by adding more research topics and smoothing out research costs.
  3. Improve progression by adding more structure levels and smoothing out costs.
  4. Add the ability to share sensor / exploration data with allies.
  5. Player-defined colony progression charts for the automation to follow
  1. more data (real time,numerical by ship or bar and/or after battle summary, re: fleet battles. Other than a vague sense of timeline and you survived or was wiped out, the current graphics are woefully disappointing as a gauge of tactical array or munitions effectiveness.

  2. remove minefields or restrict deployment. We must abandon minefields as a dynamically placed weapon. It should be a delay tactic at best.
    Restricted deployment: 1 minefield allowed per system, initiated/controlled by a planetary building in the system. The deploying player may replace a minefield with a higher tech minefield but only 1 can exist around any system. The existence of any enemy (sweeper?) ships in a system with minefield building capability prevents a minefield from being built.

  3. Add an additional defensive delay, planetary shield. Minefields need sweepers, then maybe shields need hacker ship mods or be set upon by energy weapons, whatever. It’s another defense for getting sleep, casual player, etc.

  4. More content trade, pirate, wormhole travel, treaty variations, etc.


More data would be a nice addition :slight_smile:

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  1. Number one issue I see with this game and having wide appeal is being able to be safe when offline. No MMO, that I am aware of, will allow you to get your stuff destroyed/taken when offline and Outscape is no different. That being said I believe you guys are already working on guardian fleets so I would like to add my idea about those.

Guardian fleets are created from one (or several) of your fleets that you assign as a template. Then you assign area(s), 0 to X LY from one of your systems and select what fleet template should be used for that area. Once you log of, after X minutes, the AI will spawn “phantom” fleets from your templates which will aggressively attack any enemy ships in the designated area. The phantom fleets have the following characteristics:

  • Immune to mines
  • Always travels at warp 10 and 10.000 thruster speed inside systems
  • Gives no loot if destroyed
  • Prioritizes invading fleets based on a criteria, such as fleet size
  • Uses no ordinance even though ordinance weapons are equipped

These phantom fleets exist for a maximum X days offline and this slowly recharges while playing. So for example if you play A hour(s) then it recharges with B days

  1. The above guardian fleets will help with offline invasions but is not enough. The second thing I wish for is planetary shields. These are built on your systems and they will only activate when offline and as the quote goes: “It can withstand any bombardment”.

As for guardian fleets they will only work for X maximum days of offline and will slowly recharge while playing. Thus rewarding active players.

  1. Random events - Game can become a bit static at times so from time to time certain events randomly occur near your systems. Depending on your strength this could be anything from civilian ships being attacked by pirates and if you kill the pirates you will get a reward, to more exotic events such as massive space monsters that will attack your planets and “eat” your population. The possibilities are endless and these will only spawn if you are online for a set amount of minutes.

  2. Fleet templates and automatic assignment - Right now it is quite tedious manually assigning ships to fleets and then setting the formation of a fleet. It should be possible to create a fleet template and automatically assign built ships to target template.

  3. Quality of life improvements - Something that is sorely missing in this game is what you see in a lot of RTS games such as shift left click to select multiple fleets, then ctrl+X to create groups (also work for planets) and if you single tap on X then the group will be selected, double tap and it will zoom into the group.

Also another very big quality of life improvement is the ability to shift + rightclick to be able to queue up actions. For example selecting a scout and shift+rightclick to explore multiple stars or selecting fleets and have them move through set number of waypoints and attack. Basically a number of different actions should be able to be queued up.