Your Top 5 Issues?

Hi all,

What are your top 5 most important issues with the game? I’m trying to make sure the list I have is up to date.

  • If it’s something that’s been posted elsewhere, just put a brief description and include a link to it.
  • Could be a bug, how an existing mechanic works (or doesn’t), or a missing feature (we assume ‘alliances’ and ‘way-points/freight automation’ are amongst the most important already).
  • If you don’t have 5 issues that’s fine, post what you’ve got. And feel free to put more if you need to!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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#1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - The ability to set friends to green instead of red, and have my minefields, ships and planets treat them as such.

  • Not alliance code
  • Not sharing maps
  • Not complicated
  1. Same as Teeo. Need to identify friends in green and allow them to cross minefields without taking damage.

  2. Fix fleet management. It’s still near impossible to arrange ships so that LOS is not an issue.

  3. Change fleet caps so they are segregated between types of fleets.

  4. Remove the neighborhood scan. It’s more dangerous than useful for making friends. I don’t like my enemy knowing where I am.

  5. Still thinking on a 5th.

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#1 Depth. In a few months I can pretty much max everything out. It just gets repetitive.
#2 Purpose. What’s my objective in the game? After hitting planet cap, pop cap, fleet cap, and researching everything in the tech tree why bother playing? See #1.
#3 Detailed control and automation. We’re getting there, but I’ve said repeatedly that we need a better balance between automation and control.
#4 Alliances.
#5 Depth, again. More trade, exploration, and things to do while waiting for things to build/move.


*all but one dreadnought are exactly the same.

*dreadnoughts are just underpowered. If carrier modules were re done, specifically to where you can tell each fighter what to attack, then they would be much better. Give all dreadnoughts at least 6 medium guns, and give other ships point defence to protect against missiles.

*corvettes are overpowered. Specifically ripchee and syntis. T2 mine sweepers should take at the very least 12 hours for a single ship. You should require multiple of them to efficiently sweep mines. Also reduce the sabres flagship level.

*every ship having the same flagship level is unbalanced and just seems lazy. Pr and syntis need lower flags, mankind and ripchee are alright.

*the lack of any reason to pvp in main galaxy. Deep mines make pvp useless. Once you unlock deep mines you can just dedicate a planet to mine a certain res, and then you never need to fight for res ever again.

*the cheating needs to be stopped.

*mankind need buffing. Theyre by far the weakest race in this game. By defence and offence. Pr are good offence in missiles, ripchee are good offence in energy, syntis are good defence, what is mankind?

*orbital strik cannons need buffing. I did the calculations, and found that if i use a full 14 ship pr cruiser fleet, with only ordinance and one small shield, with the t3 cannon i would kill only 90 some k population, with over 100k ordinance. Thats with FOURTEEN cruisers, 100k ORDINANCE, and the time it takes for each strike. They need buffing. Keep the accuracy. But make t1 cannon deal 3k damage to population, t2 deal 4k damage, t3 deal 5k damage, t4 deal 6k damage, and t5 deal 7k damage. With this a t1 cannon will be viable as each strike can kill 1800 population. And as you go up itll only get better. It should be worth the ordinance.

Thats it.

  1. Same as Teeo. Need to have a white list and change color of friendly fleets to green. They should pass through minefields and not be automatically attacked if in the same orbit at a planet.

  2. Change minelaying and sweeping. Increase laying time for T2 and T3 for minelaying. Change sweeping for T1 is fine at one hour. Increase time for T2 to half of minelaying time. Either eliminate stacking or reduce efficiency of multiple sweepers in same minefield.

  3. Increase PR vette flag level to five or six so it can compete with other races.

  4. Fix fleet management still have issues.


Same issues as Teeo…

  1. Corruption
  2. When exploring a system and you leave the sensor range, you cannot see what the planets are any longer, should be persistent if you took the time to explore a system. Like a fog of war is lifted on explored systems.
  3. Not being able to edit many of the items where text boxes are with our own information, titles, color scheme
  4. Lack of the ability to manage your ships in combat on the fly and the fact they are static lines facing off, no ability to shift ship positions. Lack of the ability to leave/retreat a battle with a chance of success even if a small one at that.
  5. No point defenses for ships, Energy and ballistic variants needed

Brave of you to ask: Very well.

  • Depth. There is very little in the way of a game here now. Just a buncha mechanics that don’t actually lead to anything
  • Alliance and social code, integrate discord within the game please if you must, but as a bolt on it makes it look amateurish. Social interaction is 50% of the interest in a game of this ones stated direction.
  • Frustrated that so MANY good features have been removed disabled… It seems like you are deliberately sabotaging your own great game in favour of UTTERLY UNWANTED over simplicity in all the wrong areas! - And STILL you have a lousy new player experience… Isn’t that a clue that your changes are in the wrong direction?
  • Corruption Mechanic… Great idea… so far away from what it needs to do. Right now it is a major source of frustration to old and new players alike. Please see the many suggestions how to adjust it. It is your single biggest point of failure on a single game mechanic level.
  • Fleet formation and use. Said much about this and am not going to rehash it here. ROLL BACK (properly this time) to what you had. It was closer to useful than what we have now. Sometimes the fastest way forward is to to go back to where you went wrong.

This is not a wish list, more a reflection of my experience with A3 in terms of strategy and war mechanics.

  1. Fleet Caps - Fleet Limits are Ridiculous read the First and Third post…
  2. Planet Caps - the early game restrictions on planets through syntis research and corruption is fine in general though it does need to move towards unlimited over time, being trapped with a set number of planets is problematic regardless of limit… I feel trapped in an area and remote deployments require a base and then invasions require more space… its not logical that a race would give up a planet once taken, corruption indicates loss of money or requiring more money to maintain a control. Empires that include occupation or dictatorship over another race will be stressed but in this game each race occupies and suppresses (bribes with happiness). It doesnt really make sense to me at all… The device is to control early game expansion… it does that… and we all agree we need that… but 36 planets… leaves me really bored… once my current foe is eradicated or agrees a surrender then A3 is over for me… Absolutely nothing left to do… Dead space… So I reiterate we need caps to dissipate through research over time, that time can be very long but still they need to go eventually.
  3. Various bugs around minefields. sweeping is too fast, mine detection too short (72 hours at 1200 olzine), sweeper duration is probably too high (go 2 hours), Lots of changes I’ve suggest should be evaluated… like this in a convo with MeL
    Minefields should create wreckages…
    Minefields are super critical to the game play… They are practically the only strategic element in the game…
  4. Current weapon types without weapon range and battle starting range and pointless mostly… Launch time for attackers would be zero… you’re in the cockpit and ready to launch since you chose to attack probably hours ago… not to be confused with travel time… defenders have the disadvantage and the launch time (so launch time is gauged on a reasonable preparedness)… Cloakers should impose double launch time on the enemy. (caught literally with their pants down)
  5. Ship design is lacking, please give consideration to this post Encouraging diversity in Ship Designs and Combat Operations via More Diverse Warp Levels in conjunction with #1.

I should also add what I love about A3… good job…

  • natives (I want more… like 20 more, each with a sweet ability)
  • early game restrictions
  • newbie location scanner
  • Warp 9 corvette gameplay but its a sleep killer… maybe slightly slower…
  • new building upgrade paths geometric cost upgrades… though I do want T4 (25 hours), T5 5 days, T6 25 days, T7 125 days… upgrade times and similarly costs… but return on investment needs to be more desirable…
  • Research as above is awesome, and similarly expect more tech but take geometrically longer… maybe a 3x upgrade for each… 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, 243… its not unreasonable to have an awesome wep at 100 days research with 400 labs… but make defenses say 2x so that someone can defend if they chose to not go end tech wep
  • star visibility in A3 skirmish, can we not have that in parm galaxy upto 150 LY out…
  • planet variation (gimme neutron stars, black holes
  • resource variation

Could be better

  • Plant scanner need more variation in cost and usage… a cloak scanner separate from the planet scanner, but expensive and require zyril on tap… so like it reduces by 100 an hour… creating an automation supply requirement… similarly a mine detector, placed in orbit like shipyard this can perma detect mines at 5 LY max… so limited use… but necessary to know if you got mined… without having to engage a sweeper in every damn planet daily…
  • recording whats already been seen… like details of ships you’ve passed but never lost site of… planets visited… minefields seen but gone once you leave the are… but we should still know it WAS there at one point… limit to 24 hours maybe…

the wall is probably not over… I’ll be back tomorrow… lol

  1. "labour shortage’ issue + ‘massive overpopulated planets’ issue.

  2. IMHO scout engine must be scout only. Scout engine for corvettes inserts a lot of imbalance between races. Thats why so many players (me included) talking about “Saber=cheat”

3)There is no any means to defend urself while u sleeping\working (offline for at least 8hours). This game gives poor choice for those who wish to sleep regulary: eighter u sleeping properly and waking up too see that all u have is gone, fleets are destroyed and planets are assaulted either u r sleeping with alarm cloak, waking up every 2-3hours to check if there someone attempting to massivly atack ur vital spots while in cloak. (that’s one of the reasons why I suggested “synergy with planetary scanner” before) People whants to sleep! People needs to sleep! Do something, give to players ability to sleep properly! Or else this game never became popular.

  1. Rockets with 50 splash usually hits the already dead target. Just watch any battle with top fleets fitted with hellfire and such a TL-series to get proofs. TL-series is useless. I suggest improve it - TL-series and ML-series torpes and missles must have same target as ship which launched it all the flying time too (torp/missle changing trajectory when changes target of the ship that fired these torp/missle)

5)Defencive abilities of planets vs assault inadequate lacking compare too 1dred+17cruiser assault fleet. ATM biggest assault abilities have 1dred+17cruisers fleet of ripchee with 1836000 troops in such a fleet. In order to defend from this defender need to spent about million of population only on working in barracks which is absolutly unexcaptable.In turn, this leads to orbital bombardmen becames almost useless. Only Syntis will need bombard world to wipe all the organic. Other races would be mcuh more happy and EASIER to capture it trough assault. I suggest to insert into game high-high(100k RP) tech buildable orbital defence with 85% against invasions. Even 300k population wich must works in barracks are a great burden on any colony.

  1. Ship designing is terrible now. Need improvement.
  2. Declaring friend and foe option
  3. Relocation option.
  4. Fleet targeting and in fleet ship alignment need improvement
  5. waypoints for fleets movements.
  1. Mr Algorithm needs to be hung, burned, and shot to death. He’s a thug constantly stealing peoples lunch money.

  2. Fleet management and clunky fleet cap system.

  3. Losing scan data when not in range of one of your ships. If i scouted it i should be able go in and mouse over stuff to take a look. It wouldn’t have up to date information such as minerals on surface and current colonization status.

  4. Little difference in weapon choices, just not enough to set them apart. Should have more classes of weapons. Ballistic weapons tend to be the go to weapon of choice because they bypass shields rendering them useless.

  5. Lack of purpose/differentiation between ships. As it is you just build the biggest ships you can. All ships travel at the same speed both in system and at warp. I also find it boring/unimaginative that “armor” is the amount of damage a ship can take. Armor should be damage reduction, and NOT by a percentage as damage reduction should be a specific number. STRUCTURE should be how much damage a ship can take. With Shields Armor and Structure you could easily make more solid distinctions between both weapon classes and the size classes. Smaller class weapons may be able to do more DPS, but don’t have as much penetration so against more heavily armored vessels they actually have pretty poor damage.

P.S. Oh and almost forgot the empire finder needs to go. It works for alpha, SOOO not needed in skirmish, because the galaxy is so large and there are so few of us so i totally get it. But come real game time sorry but i want folks to actually really have to look for me. If for arguments sake i spend a great deal of effort moving all of my fleets via cloak so as not to show up on casual scans of space traffic i hardly want that hard work trashed by a stupid “atta way lazy bum” scan button. We’ve got scouts, USE EM.


Sorry, it’s a novel.

  1. Little to no variety between the ships. In every well balanced game I play, the smaller cheaper units do more damage relative to their cost (usually troop count and resource cost). If destroyers and scouts got + damage per shot while battleships and cruisers got % damage reduction and/or - damager per shot, we will start to open things up. I would personally like to see the ships have built in bonuses such as bonus speed, inherent shields, an inherent weapon?, and whatever one can dream up. Bonuses to range as well as ship turning speed. Inherent generator? Large ships dont maneuver as well as smaller ones. I could go on and on here, but I’m going to stop.

  2. Object permanence. If you can’t see it right now, somehow that doesnt exist. An enemy uncloaked flies through your whole territory, right passed your boarder guards, kills a freighter, and then hides in a planet right next to your home planet and when you come online, you wouldnt even know it if he didnt kill the freighter. All paths should have a lines identifying the course of the fleet in color matching the fleet (which is not selectable? Is but exists under all other objects?) and highlights on mouse over with a popup and any detected details such as fleet composition and invisibility status. i should still retain planetary data and positioning even if denied the ability to zoom in on the solar. Enemy colony information, ECT.

  3. Invisibility, masking, hiding, and combat. (Its a long one)
    3.A) I do not see an issue with having 16 ships in an invisible fleet except that its 8 times harder to hide 15 battleships than it is to hide 1 scout (I’m not including the corvette) and that should be represented in game. The more ships you have in a fleet, the faster you move, the larger the ships are, the more spread out (or is it dense?) should all be represented with respect to detection. Having 17 cloaked battleships moving at warp 7 imho basically just means you don’t come up as a UFO when on the outer edges of any scanner even with t4 cloaking field, and an advanced scanner on a battleship might detect something. however, a lonely corvette should be difficult to detect. Need to add anomalous readings. Could be a cloaked fleet, could be an NPC, could a lot of heavy fighting way ovet yonder, something your scientists want to take a look at, or could be anything. Sometimes nothing?
    3.B) It’s an ambush! Oh, no its not, we dont have those… Any ship attacks as if it were cloaked when it was not detected 6 seconds before combat. Ships inside a wreckage or mineral field (go grey instead of disappearing when mined), asteroid belt, moving with a meteor cluster, or the similar are difficult to detect. Should follow the same rules as above, the bigger the fleet, the easier they are to find.
    3.C) all non basic ship scanners should have some ability to detect invisibility, even if there is no chance to detect an invisible fleet with t3 cloaking. Planetary scanners should be upgradable to have invisibility scanners, or any other scanning function a ship provides.
    3.D) what if I dont want my ship identified as my own? I’m getting wrecked and would rather start over with a pop of 5k and full research than have to restart completely but my conquorer is unlikely to be very willing. There are other reasons such as pretending to be a pirate and such to avoid retaliation. Someone is looking for your alliance and having a battle with your alliance’s tag on it isnt exactly helpful to limiting his ability to find you.

  4. Friend/Foe and alliance features. A friend is always identified as a friend (UFO)? Highly exploitable. A friend needs to accept the request? Invisible units? Option to have a ship not identified? Popup explaining to the newbie exactly what accepting the request does with pros and cons. Popup displaying when your friend is under attack or has detected anyone listed as an enemy.

  5. When you can’t add another 1 to the mix. To me, these functions make no sense. Most players like to have massively large battles and having oversized fleets is actually a reasonable answer to the issue on fleet limits. This will be a long one, I’ll create a new thread about it. It will also be about the hard fleet limits. For this to work, I feel we should go back the fleet teathers with a better roll out and ships should be able to identify which targets they can hit and pick from those rather than having friendly ships block their own shots. In the short term, if we can get a line of sight thing setup as we are placing each ship so that we can see what they can hit.

  6. battle durations. Battles should be taking minutes to complete. As far as I am concerned, just multiply the ships’ HP by 10 and reduce the munitions consumption by a factor of 10. Allow us to set another fleet to either engage the fleet thats already in combat (guaranteeing that it cannot fly away after combat) or replace the fleet that is already in combat.


There is a major issue that @Pepelekus brought into his list, his number 3). If you are at war you can not have a life or you will be wiped from the game. This is a critical aspect to change or I would not play nor suggest anybody to play until alliances or a way of collaboration can be implemented. As I believe this requires a major redesign, so it is not part of my list but it ieve is something that devs needs to think about properly.

My list

  1. Fleet management exploits, arrangements, etc. Needs to be fixed.
  2. Fleet UI. When you get to maximum zoom, in interception situations and complex close range battle maneuvers, the UI (circle around the fleet with icons) gets in your way and you can not select or give proper orders, direction, etc.It also happens when you enter a planet with a guarding fleet, the UI sometimes does not let you move the fleet properly to avoid battle.
  3. Friend/foe coding
  4. Fleet cap. Although a cap is needed, limit has to be increased. With the amount of support fleets you need for battle as only the flag can perform its ability (one 1 fleet for cloak detection, 1 fleet for mine sweeping detection, etc), you need tons of fleets for battle situation and that limits the battle groups. Some ideas have already been suggested, like limiting ships and not fleets, or different limits by ship size
  5. Waypoints for fleet movement and fleet automation

The items are not in order.


1] credit transfer

2] Wormholes. (U kno the 3 buildings, wormhole opens in between, wormhole codes one…)

3] keeping system scans after moving fleet away

4,5] most of the things already mentioned…

  1. Fleet formation mechanics.
  2. Tech tree depth. I would like to see very deep tree to diversify game. Long timers for top tier will encourage specialization and make a more intersting game.
  3. Planet defense needs to be a deep branch on tech tree for those who are more defensive in nature.
  4. Ability for syntis to make some use of organics. Doesnt have to be much…but something.
  5. Remove neighborhood scanner. Make the most powerful scanners planet based and deep on a tech tree for those who want to see far.
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  1. Racial Empires: It’s unrealistic and an ugly hindrance to your own development that we restrict player empires to one race. Beyond the endless cries for balancing IDA must consider that every piece of content generated for a race will only be used by a fraction of your players. To stop diminishing your efforts, open the races for nearly full use by all players.

  2. Player Entity: a whole new layer of content can be added with variable impact to players’ empires by allowing players to build up their own entity within the game. Without this, development will struggle to immerse players personally to the lore/story of the game. This simple addition to the game can also haul in players from other genres, introducing them to your product.

  3. Colony Girth: We currently presume that an initial colonization consumes the same surface area as the planet’s maximum population. This grinds against any sense of realism and prevents finer mechanics that could allow multiple players to hold colonies together in tight comradery.

  4. Invasion Campaigns: Without generating a larger field of ground combat and tactical maneuvering we treat the entirety of a planet as mine or yours and never suffering an ongoing conflict between these. A planet fully in support of you could within twelve hours of my arrival instantaneously transition to full support of me. We skip a large pocket of enjoyable content and leave the fate of worlds to a quick number crunch from the skies.

  5. Sprawling Content: I still hold screenshots of Trello’s tech tree. The tree itself is cool, but the idea behind it enticed me to join the community driving this game. I’ll argue we still see enjoyable content for less than half what that tree was designed for. Trade and diplomacy don’t really exist. Aside from a few racial exceptions (which I’d rather were divided between races alone and not players), no one specializes in anything. We’re all the same, except for the race we’ve chose. We must all build the same planets, we must all build the same ships, we must all gather the same resources, we must all balance the same economies, we must all fight the same boredom when the tasks to success become monotonous.

How to fix this? Player-specified engaging content. Make ship design a specialization in itself. Make farming and freight logistics arts of their own. Make our tech trees heavy laden with tiers of branches and fruit hiding amongst varied leaves. Let players chase these techs not as a contest to get there first, but because they’re eager to perfect their favorite aspect of the game.

  1. Automation. Something as simple as collect surface resources/mine asteroids and bring them to planet X. Any fleet gets within X LYs from the system attack and return. Etc

  2. Alliances

  3. More specialized tech for each race.

  4. Bring the fleet commander idea in.

  5. Actual upgrades to ships instead of just upgrading weapons armor etc. I.e. upgrading the scout ship hull.

  1. Lack of any real defense unless online 24/7. Minefields get removed in minutes, orbitals are defeated with cheap scouts and ships can haul in massive amounts of ground troops and relatively cheaply while military bases take huge amounts of time to research and build. If someone attacks a player the defense should last for days not a couple hours do to getting steamrolled because one guy was online and the other working and logged out. You don’t retain paying customers if they get wiped out over and over.

  2. Lack of a fast travel gate/beacon to gate/beacon ability. Can be done with currant warp mechanics just limit it to a new ship/engine class that needs to be the flagship. Make the start/stop of the instant jump take time to charge/cool down. Could be X amount of time per 100 ly to charge/cool down while the jump itself is instant resulting in fog of war and immunity to mines. Wormholes while sounding interesting just add another mechanic while warp is already in game and just needs tweaks. Can make the structure’s used as jump points cost prohibitive and limit the size of fleets and type of ships that can jump. I’d like to see the A3 galaxy classed as a small map and the skirmish as a micro map.

  3. Lack of any finished alliance game play. Need the ability to mark fiend/foe and safe passage. All of the alliance aspects should be accessible to a solo player. Many discussions floating around with many ideas.

  4. Lack of parity at spawn and inability to easily switch races. People won’t like it but I feel the starting home worlds should have parity, invulnerability and have a planet dedicated to each of the races in the game. Been playing PR for a few months, but decided you want to play Ripchee, just save the progress of the PR game and start up playing Ripchee at their planet. Safe zone for home worlds and one way jump gates to gain access to a zone in the main galaxy. Everything on the main map resets with the switch, but you save progress at that races home world. No seed ship needed and players can try every race without losing a year of research.

  5. Lack of game based communication. Need to move away from using Discord and to a game based chat/email messaging system. Battle reports, in game actions and private messages should all be tied to a game ID not a third party app that lets anyone join with whatever nickname they want.

    The forums as they are have the ability to do everything discord can other then voice chat.

No particular order for that list of five, and much more could be added…


Well, a little late to the party on this one maybe, but was checking to not duplicate posts. So.

  1. Defensive and tactical/offensive mines

Lots of posts already on this subject already. So just a short summary:

The current mine warfare system has gotten better in terms of making mines a viable defensive tool. I don’t really have any complaints with it as far as this aspect goes. There is an issue with regards to the Ripchee Sabre and fleet circles that affects the current mine warfare system, but I’ll deal with this under a separate point.

With the previous one hour mine laying, mines could be used offensively as well. Sweeping was fast as well, which was fine for this application of mines. So the previous system was good for offensive mine usage, and the current system is good for defensive mine usage. What we need is BOTH ways to use mines.

Mines provide the sole mechanic in the game whereby a player can kill large fleets of capital ships without suffering losses. Even if you win the rock, scissors, paper match-up and get great ratios in fleet-to-fleet combat you will still usually still lose some ships. What this means is that a player who is outnumbered can eventually be whittled down even if he continually wins battles. At some point you just simply run out of ships.

One-hour mines allowed them to be used on an active battleground. It provided an interesting vette dogfighting phase at the opening of battles. And there is nothing busted about it because all sides have access to them. It simply comes down to who uses them better.

For the purists who get caught up on the idea of “mines” not being an offensive weapon, someone once said to think of them as missile pods like from the Honor Harrington series where they roll out “pods” on the active battleground that fire when someone comes in range.

Again, the ability to use “mines” offensively is desperately needed in the game to allow elite solo players and/or small alliances a chance to survive against huge, so-called “zerg”, alliances.

  1. Diversification of ship speeds and reducing scout ship count value to 0.5.
  1. Fleet Circles

This has been an on-going issue which still does not seem finalized, and needs to be.

The idea as I understand it is that a number of ships “up to” the maximum permitted by the flagship rating may be placed in the fleet circle. The fleet circle itself (1) forces some diversity in ship designs, by not allowing all ships to be placed in the front line, so you have to design some back line ships as well, and (2) provides a mechanism to balance differences in ship strengths between races, i.e. to allow more smaller but weaker ships to face fewer larger more powerful ones.

However, presently, you can merge a number of larger ships in that don’t fit in the fleet circle, i.e. you can go right up tho the flag level maximum irregardless of ship size and whether or not they fit into the fleet circle. The only restriction is that you can’t re-position afterwards. So the system is still not functioning as it should. And this is allowing for some imbalance in fleet formation,

For example, it is particularly ridiculous in the case of the Ripchee. The Ripchee have very small “non-capital” ships, but really giant “capital” ones. I’m guessing that this is to limit the number of capital ships that can be included with a Sabre flag. If so, then please ensure that it functions! As it stands Ripchee can merge 11 Battleships with one Sabre I believe. This is broken compared to what the other races can merge. Especially when you consider the existing mine warfare system. No other race could ever hope to contest the Ripchee in a minefield where ships have to be escorted by a sweeper to enter/pass. Which means that until this fleet circle issue is fixed, that the existing mine warfare system HEAVILY favors the Ripchee. And the fleet circle for the Sabre need to sized to ensure some reasonable balance.

  1. Allaince tools.

There has already been lots of discussion on this one. For me:

More alliance features definitely need to be a priority. COTP has developed a nice maping tool that really helps to get a feel for the situation at large. This really needs to be an in game feature:

  1. Keep vision of star systems that are outside of your scanner range but that you have already visited. Joe did mention at the end of October that this was coming and that it was supposed to be out a couple of weeks ago.

Permanent Maping of Systems Visited Feedback

At the moment if you have a ship visit a system outside your planetary scanner range and then leave, you lose “sight” of the system. I agree that the system returns to the “fog of war” in terms of not being able to see any activity or data there; HOWEVER, the system should remain on you galaxy map. Its a little frustrating have to take notes and coords to remember where systems, that you have visited, are. Actually, it should permanently map any systems that you locate with ship scanners, eve…

  1. Similarily be able to see allied systems and star systems that they’ve charted, i.e. shared stellar cartography. However, what I am strongly against is shared scanner data!!! You should NOT have a live feed to fleet movements or planetary data from other players ships.
  2. Be able to give star systems your own color coding for information purposes.

Those are bare minimum features.

  1. Spawn patterns to make it hard on pre-made alliances

I like that the spawn mechanism doesn t allow you to choose your starting locations. In fact I would like to see it even more random tbh. I think that games like this should promote players to make new alliances ever server, rather than continuing pre-made ones. I look at it like we did pick-up sports when I was young. You get a group of friends together, even some new fresh people you don’t know, pick captions and teams or divide players randomly into teams, play a match, see who wins, and then mix it up and play again. A spawn mechanic that makes it really difficult for large groups to start together, and the fact that the galaxy is so large, means that players are more likely to make local alliances for immeidate survival. This also provides solo players who start alone more than the current two options of (1) join the huge zerg that started around you, or (2) get wrecked. It would force more alliances with new unknown players and enchance the soclal dynamic of the game.

Just one possible idea would be to have multiple “epicenters” in the galaxy for spawing. That would mean that you start in proximity to some other players to force early interactions, but that players would be randomly broken up into groups. The other advantage to this, is that it give more room for expansion if you spawn early near the middle of an epicenter. At the moment if you spawn near the middle you can be hemmed in fairly quickly and could have to go quite far to get ro less populated areas. With multiple epicenters you would be able to get the edge of your spawn region more quicky. Regional spawns could add a nice dynamic to the game imo. But any idea that makes it harder on pre-made groups is good in my opinion.