Wreck-timer doesn't work

The timer showing how long is a wreck (e.g. destroyed pirates) is to see yet doesn’t work

argh, you told them. Now they will fix it and wreckages will start expiring before you can get there again.


My two month old wrecks may need pu now…lol

Thanks for letting us know. I thought this had been fixed previously but also saw it today. We’ll take a look.

I remember in an update that wreckages are now permanent until someone gathers the res inside of them

How it’s supposed to work for wreckage and jettison pods:

  • Wreckage: automatically removed after 48 hours or immediately after the last resource is taken from it
  • Jettison pods: 48 hours after the last transfer to/from it (in theory the jettison pod could be kept indefinitely with frequent enough usage)

@Joe… this is currently working for at least myself as expected in regards to your last post.

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