Wiki Updates - They Came from the Asset File!

A little update on what’s been happening wiki-side:

  • A number of the hexagonal technology icons were previously missing from the wiki, leaving the Tech tree incomplete. Without a way to get the full-size versions in-game, what is an editor to do? Decompile Outscape’s Unity assets file and extract them from there, of course! These have now all been uploaded, and will fill out the individual Tech pages as they are created and populated.
  • The Armourbane section of the Energy Weapons page has been updated to state their effectiveness (or lack thereof) against Shields, as demonstrated in recent tests. This will also be made explicit on the relevant Tech pages once created.
  • A number of ship pages have been updated with fuller descriptions of their capabilities, but others (particularly Snithereal hulls) are not complete yet. Any takers are welcome!
  • The fuel consumption formula for ship Engines has been verified against previous data, and the page has been updated with some new plots showing the scaling relation for fuel consumption vs. hull length.

As ever, new sign-ups and contributions are always needed!


Some help on carriers:

All the graphics that show the fighters buzzing around shooting the enemy are fake, the beams don’t do damage at all. Carrier modules only do one huge dump of damage at about every 30 seconds intervals. This it irrespective of if the flight of fighters was already out, if one target is dead and the flight is flying back, another “spare” flight of fighters would be seen launched at the next target to maintain the “1 shot every 30 sec” pacing.

… wow. I knew Carrier Modules were ineffective, but I was never able to test just how broken they were myself. In any case, Fighter Carriers are actually next on my list, so I’ll get that added in :slight_smile:

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