Wiki Updates - Front Page Overhaul, Glossary and Snithereal Hulls

It’s been a little while since my last update here! Here’s what’s been happening wiki-side:

  • The wiki’s front page and side bar have now been reworked, with lots more links to useful game topics on the former, new wiki management links on the latter and links to Outscape on Steam for both. I also managed to extract the header image from the Steam page, and it looks rather snazzy on the Wiki, if I do say so myself!
  • A number of internal and meta pages were unprotected, and so were susceptible to accidental or malicious edits. These have now been protected such that only admins can make changes to them, if needed. I’ve also cleaned out a number of empty and unused pages and categories - I protec, but also attac.
  • One small project I’ve had ready for a while, and finally uploaded yesterday, is a Glossary of Terms, with a list of abbreviations and game slang that might not be obvious to new players. I expect this will grow as the game develops, and as the players find new and creative insults to throw at the Syntis.
  • From IDA’s end, Joe has uploaded data on all the Snithereal Hulls and created pages for each, along with a page detailing their special Bloodthirst mechanic, which boosts a Snithereal dual-pop world by having them eat their new neighbours!

If you’d like to get involved with growing the Wiki, check this page out. That’s all for now!


Great work.

I will be adding more missing pages, as soon as I understand those techs.

People are going to complain about the Mankind ships again lol. 4 carrier slots on a Battleship??!! 6 on a Dreadnaught?

“What was that thump sound? Did we hit a speed bump?”
“No, it was just a human Dreadnaught.”
“Oh, nothing to worry about then, carry on.”

When a battleship can kill a dreadnaught in 1 pass, you really got balance problems.

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