Wiki Updates - Corruption for A4

I’ve been busy recently with a whole bunch of under-the-hood stuff for the Wiki, but I’ve been able to get some actual content up recently too!

  • One of the big changes from A3 to A4/Pre-Beta was the relaxation of Corruption, putting our old numbers out-of-date. The new-look Corruption page has a complete data table which should hopefully be accurate for this new galaxy. I’ve also included a new section on countering Corruption - at its maximum, how many Centers do you need to stop it? This should be helpful for players in planning out how their planets will look in the late game.
  • The second stage of my Technology Quickstart Guide is now up, covering a few key techs up to 450 Difficulty. Parts 3 and 4 (going to 3750 Difficulty) should be up soon.

That’s all for now! If you see something that’s out of date and can fix it, or otherwise want to get involved, check this page out.

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