Wiki Updates - Corruption, Engines, Ship Images and Player Guides

Long-time lurker, first-time poster and Wiki editor here! There have been some updates over at the Wiki:

  • A page detailing Corruption has been created, with scaling data for A3 Main. I don’t have any data for how Corruption scales in A3 Skirmish though, so contributions on that front are welcome!
  • The Engines page has been reworked with details on Free and Boosted Warp. I’ve also managed to gather data on just how fast each engine is (read: I got a bunch of ships together and made them have races). These are listed under the Performance heading.
  • Thanks to @mel, each individual Hull page has a couple of images now to show off the game’s ships.
  • The master Technologies page is still very much a WIP, but I’ve summarised which technologies are good for new players to get in a Tech Quickstart Guide, and will hopefully expand this further up the tree in future.
  • I’ve also had a bit of fun writing a more general guide for new players, “How to Avoid Being Ganked”, which will hopefully help new empires avoid being squished first time around like mine was.

That’s all for now - hopefully these are useful! If you want to get involved (and please do, the Wiki needs you!), check out this page.