Wiki Updates - Colonization, Corvette Modules, Orbital Strikes and Redirects

More things have been happening over at the Wiki:

  • The existing Colonization page has been overhauled, including fixing the out-of-date info flagged in this post, updated screenshots and a new section detailing the types of colonies that players typically establish.
  • All of the unique modules available to Corvettes such as Cloak Detectors, as well as Minelayers now all have their own pages detailing the module stats and how they work. The general pages on Cloaking and Mine Warfare still need cleaning up, but they’re on the list to do!
  • A new page has been created detailing Orbital Strikes, including configuring strike cruisers, how to launch strikes and some pointers on improving their effectiveness. The weapon stats themselves still live on the old page, which is now solely for Orbital Weapons.
  • The Wiki now has five times as many internal redirects, having gone from approximately 60 to almost 300. This means you can now search for things like Power Cannons, Extended Cargo, Sky Cat and Center of Influence and Agitation and actually go somewhere… as opposed to nowhere at all, which is what used to happen. This should be helpful for both users and editors going forward.

One thing I’d like to do soon is to write a proper Editing/Style Guide for specific page types, in order to help future editors get more content and fixes up. There are still some ongoing issues with non-editable tables (as there have been for quite a while!), which are also on the list of things to address.

Until next time!