WIki to Game integration

So in the recent Blog the Devs had a list of High Value Action items. Now I imagine I cant be the only one thinking “That looks like a script for a Tutorial” but that’s another threads task. But at the end it said

“Use the Wiki & find it useful”

Now as Joe mentioned a while back here there is a plan to integrate the wiki into the game I presume with in game links that lead outbound to the relevant Wiki pages much like the discord link on the chat box leads you to that.

Thats fair enough but the problem with that I think is that anything that breaks the immersion of the game is to be avoided we don’t want new players to the game being asked to leave the game or run some kind of windowed version so they can read the info of a website while attempting to play the game!

So can we turn the situation on its head and embed relevant Wiki pages within a sub screen of the game? Make the Wiki serve in place of the Help files in the game maybe?

To make this work I did see a discussion thread here on the subject so It may well be possible though I’d appreciate if somebody with more recent web design skills than mine to double check first. I can think of at least three of the regulars here that could prolly scan that and give a thumbs up or down in a few minutes.

Also if that’s becomes feasible a skin on the Wiki which has been mentioned before would be a darn good idea to keep the feel of it all being in the games direct process. If we had some kind of redirect/picture-in-picture with this then it could be easier to monitor whose done what (so awards can be handed out & assigned to the correct accounts) , especially if the only access to the wiki was via the client it would overnight slash the spam sign ups and other such spammy things that can cluster around a Wiki?


Sounds like we’re on the same page there. Using the wiki for in-game ‘Help’ content.

I’ve setup some placeholder pages:

The intention is to add an icon/button to the top right of most screens. Which when clicked, will open the relevant wiki page as an overlay (in the Steam browser for now). We are going to skin the wiki to better match the feel of the game.

For example: from the main star map view clicking the icon would open this page (to be done). Whereas with normal wiki pages we could go in to depth to fully cover the topic, these pages will be more in the style you’d expect from a tutorial (to a degree, duplicating the key points the tutorial will also cover).

I deleted 100s of the spam signups the other day and changed the captcha on signup to try to better prevent it…

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So not complaining Joe :slight_smile: My only concern was that if the Wiki is deeply embedded into the game as planned, Spam from the wiki becomes potentially more ugly that it normally is, so want to make sure its carefully managed from the get go (As I am sure you do as well)

If its ONLY accessible (by us players) through the Game client as I suggest it will greatly slow that down of course plus give credit to those doing such sterling work on it. (Whomever you are in game Mr Sterngaurd & “MI” my Hats tipped to you both!)

I didn’t think you were, I didn’t mention before that I’d done that so good that at least someone else is aware in case I accidentally broke something in the process…

There is a plan to look at integrating game sign on in to the wiki like how the forum works (just a matter of finding the right time). That way access would be automatic and permissions could be locked to players (to prevent spam).


‘MI’ is… Mel. His cover is blown.

At the moment I’m editing the wiki as ‘IDA Games’ (for now).

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(Whomever you are in game Mr Sterngaurd & “MI” my Hats tipped to you both!)

I guess it’s time for me to step out of the shadows! Only been playing for a month, but I have previous Wiki editing experience (have been focusing on the Technology section for now), so I figured I should lend a hand.

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On behalf of the Community I salute you sir!

For the rest of you gits this person has been editing up a storm and has made about a third of the total wiki edits in the last month alone. I sense he has experience more than mine in some areas at least.

Some of you may think the Wiki not (yet) useful but it shall be.!