Wiki Out of Date

To the keepers of the Wiki, from some of the feedback we’re receiving from the new players, it looks like some of the changes made towards the end of A3 weren’t all updated in the wiki. If the appropriate folks can take a look at areas surrounding minelaying/sweeping, minefields, military bases, assaulting a planet and planetary defense and make sure everything surrounding these topics has been updated, I’m sure the new players would appreciate it. I’ll try to spend some time reading it in the next few hours, but I’m not qualified to actually make any changes. I’ll post here if I find anything that I know needs to be corrected.


I’ll take a look and see which pages need to be prioritised. Military bases looks up to date though.

There are also a couple of the in-game help pages we put on the wiki that we need to finish also.

It might be from the startup guide since it was a new player. This specific issue was the player deleting military bases at the recommendation of the wiki. At the beginning of A3 the military bases were less useful and resources and credits were needed, so it was recommended to dismantle them and build them again later. Now they are useful with the changes at the end of A3 and that reference should be removed. Might be other things that should be changed as well.

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My starting guide is for sure out of date, so might want to remove it/unpin it, @joe

@Puma although, I would still recommend taking them down, the average person isn’t going to need them for at least a week or two.

There was a recommendation on something in the wiki (area) about removing military bases, and someone who just started dismantled them. At the beginning of A3 they weren’t as necessary early on, but after the changes at the end of A3 they are more important and a good idea to keep now. I had forgotten to change our internal start up guide as well and it reminded me to fix it. I agree, it shouldn’t be a huge deal right now for all the other changes, but should get updated ASAP.

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