Wiki - is this right?


In the wiki theres been some updates on weapons. In the spot for medium turret hellfire it says it has 21 rounds per minute. That means it fires every 2.8 seconds. 50 damage every 2.8 seconds is so good that it seems wrong. Yes your ordinance would drain fast but you would use the same ordinance killing a ship if you were firing at normal speeds.


A few things on these new tables confuse me as well. Keeping to the Kinetic/Ballistic table for example: Power consumption ratings on the Limbalt powered things is puzzling. The supposed 25Mw for Missile launchers plain does not figure when I put them on my ships right now so what is right the Table or how we have it in game?


@Zathabar, I believe PC for ordnance weapons is the amount of shells per shot, although that is not explained, but the numbers match.
My doubt about that table is the small Hellfire cannon. I do not have it, it does not appear as an option to equip my ships, although I have researched it and have the medium one.
Does anyone have the small as an option to create a blueprint?


Ah that would make sense! @joe if this is correct please can you guys amend your data tables to reflect this?

Instead of :

PC (Power Consumption MWt) : quantity of ship’s power that will be consumed

Could we get

WFC Weapon Firing Cost (In MWt for Energy or Shells per volley for Ballistic)

Or something like that to avoid confusing this old man?


Can anyone who has researched this confirm the wiki stats?