Wiki Error Temperature Tolerance for Ripchee on Colonization section

One of our new players found the following error on the wiki page for Colonization. The value for Ripchee should be 38C, not 28Cwiki%20error%20colonization

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Is there another mistake on the same page ?

Is this tech tree updated?
(I’m new to the game and playing Ripchee so I don’t know if it’s the same techs for other civ)


Hello @Puma & @Darmky , thanks for finding this. The Colonization page is on my list of things to re-work (among many other items!), but the Major Faction page at Ripchee does hold the correct values.
As for the image, that is an old picture from at least Alpha 2, perhaps even before! I’ve moved house this past week so have been pretty busy there, but will get to this when my life is a little less hectic. Hopefully there’s another screenshot uploaded elsewhere that I can use.

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