Wiki addition

Well it’s been a long time, since I have done anything with a Wiki. So learning all over again.

If there are any Wiki editors that can give me some pointers, to cut down on the relearning curve. That would be helpful.

Here is a page, I’m currently working on:

I have added a Beron link to my page. However it is not working, I have copied the exact link from another page.

Yet it still, fails to work.

Can some one help?

Made a small tweak to the link that seems to work. If you go an look in edit mode you can see the syntax I used. Near as I can figure you just had the Anchor on the page in your link without also referencing the parent page.

That said I think all the minerals need a parent page each instead of the way we have them

Ok, thanks for the help. I will take a look at the changes, hopefully it will make sense. When I see it.

Ok, I see what you did. That makes sense now. Thanks.

@Joe Can you give me permission to edit this page, please:

Always good to see new faces on board! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the pages on contributing to the wiki and the Manual of Style. This latter page has specific guidance on building Technology pages to get you started on the right foot.

I have to disagree with this - at present, there wouldn’t be enough content on each of the five Natural Resources to justify separate pages. One umbrella page beats five stubs!

The front page of the Wiki is classed as protected in order to prevent vandalism, either accidental or malicious. We’ll have to wait for a sysop to action whatever edit needs to be made.

I bow to council on this Jake. Your a lot better at Wiki stuff than me, my only thought was a page per subject might be more intuitive for newer editors.

If more detail - even anecdotal or colour text gets added to such entries maybe look at it again. Or would you allow a page redirect? Would that work or become needless clutter in the Wiki’s back end?

If more resources get added in or the existing ones expanded, it could well be worth taking a look at it again. As for redirects, those are already in place for the five natural resources, as well as for Credits. Redirects are easy to create (they’re one-line pages!) and hide well behind the scenes, so no issues there.

Yes, I read those. Thanks.

Helpful info.

Any feedback on the page I did, so I may improve the quality for the next pages?

The existing page needed some structure, along with the appropriate Categories to help people find it. I’ve updated it to bring it into line with the other Tech pages.

I will take a look to see the changes, so I will understand them.

I hope you documented those changes, so it is easy for any future wiki editor to follow. Via the discussion page.

Ingame, my tech for T3 labs claims they produce 4 RP each. Why is the wiki adamant in saying it produces 3? Where is the truth?

I only found out that Syntis T3 Boosters produce four RPs yesterday! Thanks for flagging this up - the description on the Tech Tree page has been fixed, and the current data in the Google Sheet on the Laboratories page has been flagged for an update as well.

I am PR and my research tree shows the T3 lab as producing 4. Where did the information any T3 lab produces 3 come from?

Tier 3 Labs used to produce only three Science Power back in A3 - this must have been an A4/Early Access tweak that wasn’t widely publicised.

Most likely they realised what we had been saying that a linear increase in efficiency where the resource increase to build is cumulative is in fact NOT an upgrade…