Why I've been gone

I’ve been forum lurking, but I haven’t actually logged into Outscape for a few months now. I thought I’d share my thoughts on why I took a break, and why I haven’t really been back.

The short answer is that the game got boring. There’s really no ramp-up in challenge. NPCs max out and are easily dispatched. So short of going and finding another player to pick on there’s nothing to do.

Early game I was building planets, researching tech, upgrading, moving resources, expanding, and all while balancing resources and pop.

However, when I hit max planets, and they were at max pop that ended the expansion. When the tech tree was nearly done it ended the research and upgrading of fleets. When I had planets at optimum production it meant I logged in once every few days to teleport resources and queue ship builds.

Then I hit the fleet cap. Even though I had 7 ship yards they’d all stall because I hit the cap. So I’d send ships on a 2-3 day trip to join their fleets before I could start building again. I was maybe logging in twice a week, and that was to a headache trying to balance fleets.

Since I was at my planet cap there was no point in attacking (even though I was pretty much surrounded by inactives), and since it was 2-3 days of travel across my space there was no value in expanding. Effectively, it felt like I beat the game, and there was nothing more to do aside from busy work. The reward was gone.

Additionally, I’m more attracted to the industrial side of the game, so the idea of going and fighting just for kicks really doesn’t appeal to me.

Though there have been a number of updates there really doesn’t seem to be anything that I find motivating enough to return. It seems like there’s really good progress on a number of things I’ve wanted to see (mine warfare, invasions, and orbit defense changes to name a few). However, for me those are more trivial at this point. Again, since there’s no real point in combat making changes to it doesn’t really help.

I’d like to see more engaging content. Walk the fine line between tedium and efficient management. Give me a way to sell planets on a black market, or force them into slavery (doesn’t count against planet cap). Games like Stellaris and Civilization had different mechanics for controlling entities. That would give me more to do when I hit my planet cap. Create more NPC combat content (at least until the galaxy is full enough to rely more on PvP). Add in things where I could have a higher degree of management tasks and I would be rewarded with a small improvement to efficiency. Things like moving trade goods between planets, or more building options.

As a final word, I’d suggest looking to do another galaxy reset. There have been a number of tweaks to how things function. Some of the recent changes I won’t see because of where I’m at in the game. Additionally, if I’m starting over then I have all that low-level stuff to do all over again. I’ve debated restarting now, but I’d like to see a few more QoL improvements before I go through that again. Namely persistent scan data. I really don’t want to have to restart my massive spreadsheet of system data.


I think minigames would be one of the easiest things to code with the best impact on the players.

Once a week the player has the option of sending a science vessel to a point and then defend it vs attacking NPCs/rebels. Levels should be random? Ships/fleets are actually destroyed? Destroyed ships/fleets are sent to the homeworld with 1HP? It should last 1 day, an hr, 3 days? Idk that we need rewards right away, a new leaderboard might be enough to get some players competitive.

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If it were a science vessel then perhaps it unlocks a new tech, or some random buff. Complete the mission and it improves happiness, or decreases resource costs, or something.

Maybe tech that can only be unlocked by collecting… dark matter, energy shards, ancient fragments, whatever. Collect a certain number and it unlocks a special weapon, hull, building,etc.

There’s a very fine line of grinding vs working for something. Which means the amount of RNG used in an event needs to be kept to a minimum. It also needs to be something where the reward can be obtained by all levels, and it scales accordingly. Perhaps it unlocks a new branch in the tech tree, so if it’s a weapon then it could have the normal multi-tier research that we have now.

Perhaps the resources can be traded in for credits, tech, or any of the resources… Lots of stuff that could be done, but the important thing is that it would give people a purpose to log in.

I have been gone because the micro is too high if you are a perfectionist like me. The two big things I need to stay longer:

  • Order queuing sothat I don’t have to baby a ship to explore all planets
  • Explored planets and systems keep the ‘last known’ state, sothat I dont have to make notes / screen grab the planet list to keep track of things.

I do really enjoy the game. The planet cap is a bit demotivating too.


I think most Alpha 3 players would second these points! These issues are a priority, we’re just trying to get some other things out of the way first so we can focus on them properly (before we do anything we’ll let you know what we’re thinking).

This is something else on our list, there are technical reasons for why it hasn’t been done so far, but I’ll chase it up with the devs and see what’s going on.

If we were to relaunch the main galaxy soon, I think for the planet/fleet limits it would be a case of softening them like we did for the Skirmish galaxy, until we finalize the long-term plan.


I don’t want to see a reset until we get the issues discussed in the last patch fixed or commented on as to the issues we have concerns about. And some sort of alliance features added. There is no point to a reset until both of those are done.


I’ll say it again. The devs need to learn to add stuff to an existing galaxy. You don’t reset a long term server to add new content.

Why not soften the fleet, planet and corruption caps on A3?

Double the map size so the new areas get the new races. Make players push out from the center spawn for new content.

Reality is a reset without alliance content won’t be much improved over what we have now.

And still wondering how many are not playing because they were told not to…

Please explore the idea of having a server that lasts for 30 days. Allow extremely fast travel/research, increased resource growth, and let the warfare begin. Players LOVE fresh starts in a reasonable amount of time. This would be ideal for casual players. This would inject a lot more fun in the form of adventure, combat, and alliance battles. This would also be a great way to test out stuff, especially alliance wars/management. Give out titles/icons prizes to people that are in tiered ranks or top ranks. Nothing that gives a major advantage but identifies them a top player from previous games.

Did you play on the skirmish server that lasted all of a month before the win conditions were met? From what I saw participation was pretty low.

No because I started late and didn’t want to compete vs people that were more powerful. I was hoping there would be another.

That’s the flaw with short term games though. Start a few days late and you typically won’t catch up.


I think that’s the power of short term games. You can just wait till it finishes and start new with everyone else on equal footing. I think that’s what makes MOBA’s so popular like League of legends.

Gonna be annoying and say:

You are both right!

Still we are in test mode still yes? So rapid mini servers for testing specific mechanics that need a blast through to shake out the bugs over all, is in this environment I think is a good thing.

That said (straddling the fence like spider man once more) @WarMongers is also correct once a mechanic/patch is stress tested for 30 odd days it really OUGHT to be phased into the main ongoing server. If for no better reason than to test the patching protocol on a long term game. We all should accept that the changes thus wrought may well unravel or re ravel the current “meta” but that is I submit, Kinda the point…

Given my background I’m assuming that they are building it all into the main codebase, with configuration that allows a galaxy to be created based on a set amount of configuration, some of that config will be fixed in at galaxy generation time and some will be dynamic during its life.

The size of the galaxy, its density and asteroid spawning will be baked into the galaxy as we see them now, what would be interesting is if the developers could generate a base galaxy but fog of war it so that you cannot even know the size of it… this would mean that it could be added to over time. In fact the ability to change a galaxy will be fundamental for the main galaxy, the ability to add in new stellar objects, like black holes or other exotic phenomenon, or randomly spawning ancient ships or other technology just floating around that you cannot research, you have to go look for it. (perfect reason to explore, leaderbaord can tally found artifacts, rare resources or objects)

I think that new pieces of work will be integrated but given we are not at beta yet it makes sense to keep some things for main and smaller galaxies seperate for now. It can be hard to test a constantly evolving thing.

When beta comes around with Alliances, wormholes and the like then we will be in a good place to start testing in ernest. The key things will be collaboration inside the game, are the war mechanics fit for purpose, is the tech tree missing real specialisations, are the races diverse enough to actually have more than 2 (other than syntis and organic)

When we are live we will still need the ability to test new features in esablished galaxies… that run along side new ones, so I would expect the beta galaxy to continue to exist pretty much forever. Seems unrealistic to start new servers, wait 30 days to get to the point where you can test something, to then know how it fairs. So integrating new content will be with both old and new. To only add new content to new servers will destroy the main galaxy IMO.

Shame the dev diaries stopped being a weekly thing… Guess we wait…

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@Archo Sounds like they need to slow down the play until they can develop more comprehensive PvP.

I have led world-spanning alliances in past MMORTS games, I would gladly give you a run for your money. :wink:

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Sigh well this has happened almost by default due to a confluence of bugs and so forth. Still I LIKE the early game at least so I’m a gonna reset and choose a race I havn’t yet played and maybe we’ll end up decently close together :wink:

En guard!

My issue with more comprehensive PVP is that I fear the Outscape becoming too PvP focused.

Way back when Earth and Beyond was a thing I started that game as a trader/builder. For me, being able to build almost every weapon in the game made it fun.
In Eve I was building capital ships on my own, and running a 0.0 mining operation.

What initially excited me about Beyond Dark (before they changed the name) was the idea that I could control sections of space, and industry would flourish. In its current state the in-game economy is pretty boring. Short of hauling minerals around there’s no trade. Production is really limited. So I’m pretty much left with only PvP. However, due to caps there’s no advantage to it.

For now, I watch and wait.


With you Bro.

Pvp Yeah sure its gotta be here. But if it exceeds 35% of the options in game you will NOT get the game that was advertised.

Which was awesome.

I hope to god all we have here is two over worked DEVS doing the best they can one action item at a time. But the game right now isn’t there any more.

What you really want is to be a supplier to warring PvP factions. That is simply economic tuning and disincentivization of attacking independent trade nations. You could even do some kind of NPC “trade guild” that controls a galactic market exchange where resources are sold, and any nation that attacks one of their trade suppliers gets an instant 50% markup on any purchases from the exchange. Then just make it the monopolized exchange for all trading of resources.

They need some true economic warfare options. I know all of the math and economic mechanics to make that happen.

I’ve been gone since then and honestly, I’m not surprised. Exactly what I expected. Caps like that counter the MMO nature by locking you into a small portion of area, nullifying anything massive about a multiplayer game.