Why do the developers promote exploiting through lack of action? Are there more problems than we are aware of?

I know very little about the engine but perhaps there are problems the developers simply cannot solve and they are just not letting us know.

It is mind boggling to think that exploits such as 16/8 saber fleets are still around after complaints have been made for months and maybe even years.

So… what’s up @joe ? It is starting to feel like you guys don’t appreciate the process nor the community that is supporting your process.

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@Pepelekus has been doing stuff like that since forever.

Why do you all just sit back and say nothing? Is it so that you can also use the exploits?

We’re here to fucking test and get shit fixed for a game we are all supposed to want to succeed.

And here you all are (developers and community together) sabotaging it.

I’ve been calling his ass out for 18 months.


Yeah, well, I won’t do it for 18 months. And I know a lot of other great testers that also will not.

I’m not even mad at Pepe, tbh… I am mad at the developers for letting it go on for so long… like, why did they even nerf the Sabers? Just to screw over legit players even more?

It’s backwards and there’s no way the developers are even aware of it. If they are—then we have MUCH bigger problems.

@joe i will not stop tagging you pal

Well I was thinking something similar but not about bugs but rather why there are so many missing things that should have been done long time ago, mostly quality of life improvements.

  • Such as scouts exploring systems without us manually click on each planet.
  • Assigning built ships to groups/fleets and not having to do it manually or every new ship. I.e. fleet templates.
  • Being able to upgrade buildings from level 1 straight to level 3.
  • Being able to see what ships are in a fleet without having to zoom in
  • Ship design queuing
  • Being able to select multiple fleets using SHIFT-click and create groups by CTRL+Nr. Instead if you want to move/attack with 20 fleets you have to do it 20 times. Insane!

and so on and so forth…

One reasons is probably they are spending most of their time trying to fix the dead-end mine-laying mechanic so they have little time for other much more important things.

It’s not fixed because it would mean redoing how fleets would work.

Options would be if the flag dies the fleet breaks up into singles. Not good in a battle.

Fixing this could be accomplished with the addition of fleet Admirals, captains and other leaders.

Say an Admiral could control a fleet make up of three dreadnought, 15 battleship, 10 destroyer, 5 frigates, 4 Corvettes. This would lock down what could be put in a fleet and eliminate massive fleets of one ship style trick. Would also make us use a variety of ship tiers and players have asked for a reason to use them.

They could just make it so that the next ship with the highest flagship stat is the new flagship and random ships (starting with all those outside the radius) are made into a new fleet(s) until the fleet meets all fleet rules.

If the automated fleet setup was used, then the new fleet (or rather the old one with a new flagship) could form the same setup in a smaller shape removing the most left and most right ships first.

Also, teeo has indeed been calling out pepe every chance he got.

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Issue with the game breaking up fleets is then all players need to do is target the flag with cheap disposable ships to cripple expensive battle fleet formations.

Then the battleship just gets replaced by the next battleship and nothing changes. Only time anything would change for such expensive fleets is if the DN was killed.

easy workaround is that a fleet will only bring as many ships into battle as the flagship can support. so e.g. 17/8 sabres will only use the flagship + 7 randomly selected ships in a circle formation. In case the fleet is destroyed, all ships in the fleet will vanish.

Clarify that, did you mean if the flag is destroyed the fleet vanishes?

Dread + 17 sabre fights a battle and destroys the enemy but losses the leading dread, so after the battle the fleet is left with 17/8 ships, the next time this fleet engages the enemy, the fleet will only use 8/8 ships in battle in a standard circle formation and randomly selected ships out of those 17 ships in total. In case the battle will be lost (8/8 ships destroyed in combat, the whole fleet will vanish even though it had 17 ships in the fleet and only 8 ships were destroyed in battle)

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Graphically that would be silly. It does depict well the significance of losing the flagship command’s influence.

Maybe allow the excess ships to arrive in the battle very late and suffer some diminished accuracy and fire rate?

And still nothing from @joe or @loopzilla regarding exploiting… How very, very sad…

Have you tried thinking of solutions to the exploit situation. Instead of constantly commenting that something needs to be done,without even trying to come up with some type of solution to the problem. The other thing if you see something that is happening in game which can be used to cause and exploit. Yes of course follow through and keep a record of the game mechanic’s this would also then benefit to coming up with idea’s on how to solve such an issue with so said mechanic’s. But what we are calling exploits aren’t really exploits they are simply mechanic’s within the game where a player has found a loop hole. So the exploitation is more from players using such tactic’s to obtain high score results on the board. And not focusing on it to obtain physical documentation on what can be exploited or by obtaining what is causing the exploit situation while using it. The more physical data a player can bring to a thread on the mechanic’s misuse could help in structuring a solution to the problem.

As to the problem of flagships being destroyed :
We need to be able to have preset saved fleet formations, as this would go to allowing the player to form formation setups for if flagship get’s killed. As then it is alot easier coding to have the UI refer to the list of formation setups to choose a flagship formation setup for the fleets that would form out of the flagship being destroyed.

Or even them having preset UI formed formation setup’s for the different flagships and ship’s from that original fleet of the destroyed flagship.

An exploit is only a exploit when players are using it to gain leaderboard score’s and not doing it to gather physical data on the situation of it’s use. Or to gain tactical advantages when it comes to the combat tactical side of the game.



ex·​ploit | \ ik-ˈsplȯit , ˈek-ˌsplȯit \

exploited; exploiting; exploits

Definition of exploit (Entry 2 of 2)

transitive verb

1 : to make productive use of : UTILIZEexploiting your talentsexploit your opponent’s weakness

2 : to make use of meanly or unfairly for one’s own advantage exploiting migrant farm workers

Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/exploit

The word exploit is not necessarily a bad thing. You can exploit a gold mine, or your own strengths against someone else. In this particular case, we are talking about exploiting the mechanics of the game. To be fair, many of us exploit many things to our own advantage, but some of these are intended. Mankind instant build, PR military bases casuing happiness, t2 syntis strengths ECT. What is unintended, at least many players feel, is the overpopulation loophole and certainly, the oversized fleet sizes.

I was personally one of the first to stand up and say “play the game! Let the devs call out who is cheating because we dont really have a solid grasp on what cheating is in this game!” Not exactly those words, but you get the idea. They took a look at it and made a decision, but IMO, the devs should re-vist this topic.

Ummmmmm… I mean… This is exactly what this does, unless you think that exploiting game rules with the specific intention of trolling or conquoring someone without climbing the leaderboard, then its not cheating?

I am refering to the persistence use of it far beyond gathering data on the effect of it. That is when it is being used to cheat. example : The over population situation to create those credit planets and other types that have shown up due to over population situation. To where it has become the normal thing for players to constantly use it far beyond the point of an example situation.

The thing with over population is that it is in the game but the negative effect that it causes isn’t enough to make a player have to really do much in the way of correcting it. As long as they are able to up keep the population to the planet, over population can be kept indefinitely. This is more the problem with over population.

The other thing with over population that is it should be a compounding effect to do so not a capped amount of Death rate. As a capped Death rate is what is allowing the indefinite use of being able to over populate. If a problem with a colony has a compounding effect, eventually a player would have to actually do something to correct it. Current situation for certain processes are too easy for a player to continually use the so said exploit.

So if you’ve got a looming invasion, your cool with a player dropping 200k extra pop on a planet for the extra Home guard and lvl1 ODSs because it wasnt a prolonged use of the overpop exploit?