Why collect intelligence? The leaderboards track your enemies for you!

Seriously. It’s way too easy for people to look at certain scores closely, and know exactly what people are up to. Hiding fleets in docks, is also trackable via the scoreboard.

Please get rid of the leaderboards as they are currently. Release an “update” once a month or something. But right now it is defeating an important part of scouting and collecting intelligence.

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who doesn’t have fleets in docks in the first place? Its literately the only way the top players can build more fleets

Your overestimating the value of the info it gives.

It had been worse back at the start, but I agree that leaderboards offer too much information publicly at the moment.

Edit: note that quote was from April '17.

The only thing you can actually pick up from the leader boards is if someone is getting destroyed and thats pretty much it… You can assume someone is winning a war too but they could be fighting pirates or inactives… If they are climbing the economy leader board, they are mankind, just trying to climb that leaderboard or don’t know how to manage their resources, but even if they are mis-managing their resources, it doesnt mean they wont be able to put up a heck of a fight…

Naw, the leader boards make a few things way too easy. I’m speaking from experience—I’m not just talking out of my arse @shock

You can track all kinds of stuff…

If you don’t understand how then you have not achieved that level of play yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to play a game called clue with a guy who could reliably win the game in less than 10 rounds. Usually took him 6, but sometimes he had it in 4. I am not going to explain how to play clue, but he tells me your making a lot of assumptions and your accuracy rate is probably about 50% and that the data your collecting is largely good for ball park concepts rather than any good data.

If you want to discuss ballpark concepts, then yes we certainly can because if your killing a lot of pirates, its fair to assume you have a lot of fleets, the problem is that a large number of fleets does not mean you have a strong military, but having a strong industry, presumably means your have a lot of tech, but again, just because you are producing a lot of mines, doesnt mean you have any labs.

I could go on and on without his input, but maybe instead I’ll just ask him to make a post and explain?

The leader boards reliably serve as the whisper that propagate throughout a society. Its easy to see who’s at war, not always so easy to see who is winning. Its easy to see who is building a lot, not easy to see what. These whispers are useful to those who know how to listen. They’ll help keep you from being caught by surprise.

Instead of explaining why its bad, trying to convince people, or give examples, you are simply saying we are too dumb to understand. That some strong argument you have going Daktaklakpak lol

Although the score board can say a lot about a player’s ability
But it isn’t something for you to take from

If you take two players that both have 100k on the score board and look at their empires
You’ll find that they are completely different from one another (tech, fleets and infrastructure)

And at the same time some players may tend to take the route of only building the things that give most points on the board thus inflating their score board when in reality they are only on par with someone who has half their actual points (tech, fleets and infrastructure wise)

And I’ve seen and been in 1v1 wars where the player with the lowest score on the board of the two that wins the war which means that just because one has a high score doesn’t mean they overpower anyone who’s below them on the board

Now the only thing you can probably take off the board is knowing how many members an alliance has
But Idk about you but I’m not someone who’s willing to flick through +200 pages on the board to collect that data

Yeah! And this is DAMN GOOD! :stuck_out_tongue:

“way2ez”. lol. Bro, It is “way2ez” 4 u it is “way2ez” 4 me but it’s never be ez for everyone!
Just look closely what Odis wrote and u understand what that mean. He playing the Outsscape for more than year but still… Ah… Don’t think that every player is as good as you.
IMHO leaderboards improve disparity between skilless and skillfull players and this is great. Because I believe that in strategy games players with brains should prevail over others.

P.S. @Odis Do u believe me? atm leaderboard broadcasts too much info. Icluding the most vital one like online time. Just by tacking LB anyone with certain skill can collect the online pattern for any player - you will know when he is sleeping when he is working when he speending his weekend away from computer. And than prepare fullout atack on the target when he is offline for shure. @Odis Do u finally understand how serious this info? Of course analising process is not that obvious. It includes work with autoIT(for example) and obs (for example). And yes. this is ez when u r used to do such a things.
P.P.S. Releasing an “update” once a week can remove all the tracking feature from leaderboards at all.

I dont like being mean, i deleted it.

sure there are useful things you can collect from it, but with automation, that collection gets less and less accurate.

I was impessed by ur post so I had adress part of my post exactly to u. If u don’t like to be mean in discussion. THEN DON’T TAKE PART in this discussion! This is how talking between people working.

with that post you clearly showed that you dont know what people can track with the leaderboard, however i think its good to see the others progress.

Uh huh. 50% of your post was to me or directed at me, with the not so surprising put down which I responded to in kind. I deleted it for no reason other than if you want the world to be something, start with yourself, and if nothing else, the world will be that much closer.

I’m not really sure how this pertains to anything except that you fancy yourself a troll, and its hard to troll when everyone else is unaffected and better at banter than you. Care to explain?

So in your WoT post you tell me I am wrong without any real arguments but now you are essentially saying I am right with your one sentence reply. Lol

Also lol @ your reference to your friend who is apparently good at Clue…?

Moving on :smiley:

Sometimes things are so simple that they don’t need explaining. Figure it out…! :wink:

No, I told you that removing the leader boards changes nothing and I have yet to read anything that makes me think tracking players constantly across the leader board is either easier nor more fruitful than the other 6 methods I can think of. Waste your time on the Lbs, I’ll spend my time in more fruitful pursuits.

Yes. Taking tiny tid bits of data and cross referencing them across others to draw conclusions you can’t is something he is very good at, but i mean by all means, spend your days tracking the LBs. Enjoy!

I could totally see you sitting there staring at it all day, though. Hehehe :wink:

good we agree then leader board is fine as is and it doesn’t need to be changed :smiley:

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