Why can't a Claw merge with a Score?

Claw has flagship level 5 tech 2, Score has 7, tech 3. Why can’t the former merge with the latter. Makes no sense.

I have a fleet running around with 2 Scores, a T2 Destroyer FS, and a bunch of Claws. Another fleet with 2 T1 destroyers and a stack of claws behind.

You either need to merge them manually, or add a non-freighter Flagship of any kind.

Hmm, will have to see if I can do that. Still, one would think that the merge fleet option should work, or at least appear, no?

Okay, yes, manual does the trick. Still, I would think if you can do it manually, it should appear as an option on the broader view.

There seems to be a few like this.

I cant get some of my scouts to merge with anything smaller than a Frigate (Flag 7 - PR) for example. But if I manually collect three Scouts around an armed Freighter (Flag 4) … no problem?? Same with 6x T1 Freighters being added to a fleet headed by a T2 freighter…

An annoyance, but with the screwball way “Merge fleets” scrambles the formation probably the best way to go for now.

Ultimate thought here is that logic should prevail, but…

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It’s the auto-positioning that gets in the way… freighters are big, and they don’t fit all nice and neat in a row in front of the FS.

It would be nice if flagships didn’t need to be dead center of the fleet. I’m no military expert, but isn’t it common for the flagship to be closer to the rear of a fleet?

And why can we not manually merge 2 clws together @mel and @joe?

Use a flagship. Any non-freighter will work.

Same issue with Escallop and that’s a flag seven hull. Though it’s as big as a Red Radiance battleship.