Which is a better world? "democratized" or "elitist"

Recently, I found many threads where about two groups argues about their policies respectively.

One side think that discussions should be democratized. Even when some persons utter their complaint experience which sometimes not based on the lack of the game system but just an unfamiliarity with the common sense of this game, they should be allowed to involve in some discussions, the people in the side think so.

On the other, opposite side people expect the people here providing meaningful information on any new post of any topics. They are irritated by those who are not providing any “new” information and saying something easily noticed from the information sources provided somewhere of this game.

I personally think, “ideally” any communities on the Internet should be latter. But “actually” people can only work with the former kind of community.

Although I read the guidelines of this community, before I was going to throw some ideas on the forum, it was hard (that is almost impossible) for me finding the past information related.

Due to the noisy taste existing in this forum which corresponds to the former “democratized” side, too less searchability. In that point, the latter is sophisticated.

Which is a better world? Indeed, either side has successful case.

For about former, Google are world wide winner in business and techs, who have been utilized the information shared among the former “democratized” communities above. disposing trash information by the “technologies” enables them to make them that of high quality.

And for about latter, I now one service in Japan (I’m Japanese). There is(was) a famous service “2 channel” among Japanese we can find a lot of useful information immediately found even by a simple “words based” text search. Indeed, The site is full of insult,abbreviations,ignorance. We can find some posts by newbies but is just ignored by veteran.
The difference of the site from this forum is the users are all anonymous. and there is not any features helping references or quotes, and not provided any user guidelines. Just a gray tone of board, hence good response despite relatively cheap server infrastructures.

This forum is designed to be a half anonymity like most of services in the Internet are.

I don’t know any other game belonging to the combination of 4x and MMO and that’s why so many people can have their respective opinions about this game. That is precious and I really love reading the topics here.

Which is a better world?

All I have to do is giving more effort just focusing on the contents of the discussions and being more careful keeping the qualities and searchability.


This is a good post but I think it tells only part of the story for what is going on in these forums and not sure what it has to do with elitism which is the thought that some people think that they deserve greater deal of influence and authority on matters because they have some inherent quality which others do not. But lets put that aside.

The thing is that for games like Outscape, or any game really, there is not only objective fact that you can search for but a lot of subjective opinions. For example: Synthis has a corvette with fleet rating of 4, that is an objective fact, but it is my subjective opinion that this puts them at a disadvantage against Ripche and many other factions which has higher rating. Some other person has the subjective opinion that it does not and because they have spent X hours in the game they feel that they are “absolutely right” and others who have not spent this many X hours should shut up about it.

Same could be applied for mine-fields mechanic. I think it is imbalanced to have something that can do potentially unlimited damage, be put almost anywhere and cost almost nothing. Others seem to think mine-field mechanic is just fine or just needs some fine-tuning. But I have been called an idiot for thinking that it is imbalanced because I have not spent X hours using it and don’t know every intrinsic little detail about it. Now, thankfully, there is a hard counter for mine-fields which are currently working fine (mine-sweeping) so it is not a big issue anymore but that is besides the point.

The point is that what is what is destructive on forums like this and needs to stop. Having a civil discussion and disagreeing with someone is one thing. Being rude, putting people down and calling them ‘noobs’, ‘idiots’ and ‘trolls’ is something else entirely. I mean so what if someone posts something that is not entirely factually correct. I am pretty sure the devs can see that and draw their own conclusions.

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I am not sure if any discussion about what the forum ought to be will impact what it is. Forums naturally lend themselves to long form, subjective, messy discussions. Maybe that would be a concern if the forum was the entire community, but we also have the wiki, in game chat, Discord servers, etc.

In my experience, the majority of Outscape players aren’t terribly interested in conversation, just in playing the game. So we could argue that the forum already represents “elite” interests, as most players just don’t care about what goes on here anyways.