What's My Motivation?!

This is a general question for the group. I’m trying to figure out why I’m spending weeks of time and massive amounts of resources to invade a planet…for 50 victory points. I’m looking for a more compelling reason to do something like this - thoughts/perspectives from the group are welcome. The limitation on systems seems to mean that I can’t even hold what I take if I want to continue an invasion campaign (all this assumes you’re at or near your max system limit). I’ve tried work-arounds (retain 1-2 systems as ‘float’, take a system and then abandon it…) but they really don’t seem to justify the effort.

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This might come of as a bit off topic but what I see in this game is not the current state of chasing points but the potential and specifically the potential in sandbox world with so called emergent gameplay, i.e. the players set the goals and motivation. A successful example of this is Eve.

However there are also scores of unsuccesful sandbox games because the tools necessary for emergent gameplay is not easy to create nor to balance. How I see the potential in Outscape be realised is in supercapital ships, starbases and fighting over unique reasources and areas such as moons with unique resources.

At the moment I have not seen anything like that in Outscape as every part of the galaxy seems to be just like any other part of the galaxy and there are no unique resources nor super-expensive things to acquire and defend so I guess people are now just looking for fights and points as there isn’t that much to actually do at endgame at the moment.

But to get back to your specific issue. I agree that there seems to be little reason to capture planets, specially once you hit the soft cap on corruption, so they could add incentives for doing so. Like for example:

  • Allowing you a chance to acquire technologies of the faction for the planet that you just conquered so that you eventually can build ships, of that faction, on those planets.
  • Using that planets population as slaves which you can set higher tax than you would usually be able to
  • Having planets conquered through invasion not count towards corruption

I’d say this is a reasonable question. The universe has seemingly grown cold and empty, friends and enemies have virtually disappeared. An occasional question is put out and now it is frequently going without any answer. Alliances which once had numerous active players now have no one showing up. I’ve previously posted concern about the lack of players which shrank in the new fast galaxy and I don’t see it getting better. I enjoy the concept but I fear the the game developers don’t have the resources needed to develop the game. I’ve played for several months now. Going from pre beta to early release. The patches as I recall were remove mines, put mines back in, modify the mines again, The fast galaxy a good patch, then nurf the fast galaxy by slowing ship production, and then our patch today that raised costs to build ships and a bug fix or two. There may have been a bit more but I can’t actually recall it atm.

All in all the game hasn’t progressed very much in the several months I’ve been playing, and with so few new players coming in and even the dedicated players not really sticking around, I must express grave concerns if there are the needed resources to develop the game.

I’ve greatly enjoyed what the game has had to offer but I’m playing in pretty much a dead universe. I’m in the top 10 for production, on the first page for combat, last I check the highest explorer, but I can’t take over the entire galaxy even though I feel unopposed. I’m limited by corruption, there are no computer opponents and as much as I enjoy empire building this lacks. Unlike a standard game like galactic civ iii when things stagnate and I reach this point, I can’t truly start a new game. Restarting now simply places me into the same dead galaxy only now I’ve lost everything I had worked for weeks to gain, so that’s a no starter for me. That would be less enjoyable that just trying to go on with what I have now.

So starting another galaxy as was suggested a couple of updates ago would be welcomed, but I have my doubts it’s likely to grow the player base without something new of interest to draw players in. As said here I question if the developers have the resources to implement large scale patches that add lots of features or major changes to the game mechanics, without it I fear the game won’t grow members. There have been lots of suggestions.

I’ve been playing less and less and while I’m not quite ready to just walk away as so many have, I’m not sure as it stands that the game can keep my interest. The way the galaxies feel now they feel like the game is over but I can’t restart a real new game.

Your notes a couple weeks ago suggested you were considering starting a new galaxy. I suspect that would be welcome, I’ve heard some players say all the old should be closed. One suggestion that I want to throw out if you should start a new galaxy. As this isn’t a pay to play game, if you start a new galaxy you should use those empty game slots and allow a player to create say three different accounts within a galaxy. This way I can play different races, I can potentially work together this counters those who run multiple accounts, (i know they don’t exist, but they did) but just as importantly it triples the size of my empire. I still can’t take over the entire universe but it give me a variety I don’t have now. This I’d think would not take a lot of resources to implement as its really not doing anything to change the actual game play. You simply change the slots up front for all players. It might give us more variety while we wait on other updates.

I don’t know if this will solve the motivation question i’ve replied to. After several weeks and many hours I am finding myself asking the same question. With most players leaving, few players joining, it’s a nice time sink to continue to build my empire, but frankly its not all that interesting now that I’ve learned the mechanics. Get on and place a bunch of buildings or ships in the ques, move a few ships around, and wait for hours or a days for the result. Even the fast galaxy tends to be slow, adding numerous empires to work on within the same galaxy might help that. Depending on naming if one of my accounts happens to get wiped out I would potentially have two others to work on. thus addressing some of the fears of off line attacks. But with the way it is now I don’t think there is hardly anyone who cares if attacked, there seems to be no one here.


I want to play this game automatically. If open API get provided, I’ll implement some, and want to share on the steam workshop. That would enable following things:

  • offline defense,exploration,building. (work as if a player is online)
    • maybe useful during online as well.
  • AI empire for PvE contents.

By doing so, some part of cost could be offloaded.
(But I suspect adding open API and supporting workshop takes initially a certain amount of development(and test) cost)

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Yeah, what you’re describing is a 4x single-player game. Go play Stellaris.

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This would partly solve the issue with dead galaxies. No MMO that I am aware of has no PvE. Even Eve, the so called hardcore PvP MMO, has lots and lots of PvE content and even had some at the very beginning because they realise that PvE complements PvP, it does not replace it. And the reason why you need PvE in an MMO is, because of the nature of persistent MMOs, you cannot rely on having people available to play against at all times so you need PvE to fill the gaps and this will also give something to fight over as PvE mobs could have precious resources as loot.

For example I enjoy taking out pirate fleets, even though they are ridiculously underpowered, because they allow me to experiment with different ship configurations. The devs could simply step this up by allowing pirate fleets to establish colonies and build fleets so you can attack both their fleets and their planets as an alternate way to gather money and resources and they could even introduce a unique resource which only PvE fleets/planets have.

Another way would be to let the AI take over after players quit, instead of leaving these ghost planets behind. But again I am digressing from the topic.

So back on topic, another reward for invading planets is to, beside them not counting towards corruption, they would also be controlled by a AI governor which would provide % of the tax income to your empire as well as % of mined resources. That way you don’t have to worry about managing yet another planet that will sink your corruption. The original owner can also take it back again.

This is another reason why the mine-field mechanic is cancer to the game. It does not bring much except frustration and anger to the majority of the player base and caters only to the handful of people who enjoy this terrible mechanic. Yet it is taking away precious dev. resources trying to balance something that is, still, massively imbalanced.

Just… not enough to do to keep us engaged and interested in logging in every day once you produce 1k battleships a day. I see the changes but is going to need a new galaxy launch to test the results.

Endgame is too dull atm

The foundation is in place, though. Let’s see what they can do now :slight_smile:


This is a very interesting point. While I am necroing this thread a bit, the core issues are exactly the same. What is missing is precisely this aspect – player interactions that create emergent self-reinforcing gameplay.

In the present mechanics, having an active enemy in the early game is awesome, in a blank slate new server, while starting in a dead server is depressing as hell. Everyone around you is vastly more powerful and its dull as hell.

The combination of caps, low-pop, and other balance issues means that there is little chance for players to interact meaningfully. This lack of interactions turns what should be a vibrant 4x MMO into a very poor version of Stellaris…

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The key ingredient in successful sandbox MMOs.

Yes. Assuming you dont lose as loss in Outscape, unlike all other MMOs, is final and you have to restart from scratch. Sort of like perma-death.

That is why I wanted the Guard mechanic to be like visible, enforceable borders so you could actually see who is where and gauge their strength. However, due to balancing issues, the best and only defense in Outscape is to hide and hope a bigger player/alliance doesn’t notice you.

Kind of hard to meaningfully interact with people if you are hiding.

iam of the oppinion that the lack of visibility is one of the major issues for no player interaction as the galaxy feels very dead although its most often not, but you dont see your neighbours colonies, the ships moving around, the activity. therefor one suggestion was to have every single colony start as revealed on the galaxy map the moment it is founded so you dont have to search for your neighbour.

also there were some great posts in the past about increasing player interaction in a meaningful way but they are not so easy to find :frowning:


At the very start of the server, the pirate-guard bubbles fix this issue. And if the guard-tech actually worked effectively, players would build the bubbled around their worlds…

Perhaps what is missing is an extra dimension to space ownership, a “claim space area” option that would paint a giant come-get-me circle, to encourage a King of the Hill style matchup. Claiming/defeating a claim would have serious rewards.

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That is exactly what the guard tower could double as, I was hoping. But with the lackluster implementation I doubt anyone will use it.

If they were actually a powerful defensive building then what you say could be true. A defensive area where the defender has a significant advantage over potential invaders and would essentially be a way to claim an area.

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Perhaps by way of rumor we should obtain week-old intel across the regions outside our view. Could increase the flow of information with more frequent peaceful encounters.

The devs heat map did give some out of date intel on hotspots.


Yeah, wish they exposed some web API for that data so you can build 3rd party tools.