What Training Videos Would You Find Useful?

I believe some training videos would be useful for the community for both Old and New players. I took a look at the twitch channel on Outscape that a member of our community has put together. While I’m sure it was very well done, I did not watch it because the session was 3 hours long and there were no short clips to draw my attention to regarding specific aspects of Outscape’s gameplay, nor was a link to this Twitch account listed here in the forum so that all of us can find it. @joe it might be useful to add a separate category under the wiki or elsewhere that is specific to the community sharing “training” videos. This way they will not get buried elsewhere. We would just need to be mindful of their titles so that players can find the examples of what they are trying to learn. Words are helpful if reading is your learning style, but not everyone learns by reading the written word. Some people’s primary learning style is by observing and then replicating the observation. So it is useful to have both.

All of that being said, I’m not certain “What” people want to see regarding certain aspects of the gameplay. So if you want to see a video of a certain action in game, I will be happy to share a short video of it. Just list your request, I will get to it ASAP, between my regular gameplay.

My next video will expand on the first one and will show the result of scouting a system where an occupied planet or two is found and try to point out what to look for when one is found.


I would like to nominate All folks like Atreides here to be eligible for an Account accomplishment badge when they come in.

Nothing is more important that retaining new players for a games survival and these guys deserve a salute!


Ask and ye shall receive.

  • Setting taxes on main and secondary pops - with how this impacts pop growth, so how and when to do it.
  • Safe scouting of planets (you did that I think)
  • Designing colony ships - the different layouts that can be done and when to use a specific one.
  • How to go from A to B with a ship having insuficient fuel cargo (escort at start or join towards the target with a ship there, etc…)
  • Need credits at start? What can be dismantled and will you be able to replace later (barracks, radar, planetary gun, etc…)
  • Increasing credits : pop growth, what buildings help it (cities, landmass, temperature) what order between them, and after explain pop max.
  • Secondary pops : their perks, their affinity based on player race, to terraform or not, include player’s race after telling those can be captured.
  • To specialize a planet or not


Sounds like you have work! Enjoy :wink:

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Gives me something useful to do when I run out of credits lol