What in the world?

So if any of my fellow “Golden Oldies” can recall Fantasy Games unlimited’s “Space Opera” you may remember they had a fun Planetary designation for game planets.

Well following a chance comment by @Cheatle I was reminded of this and for my own amusement I drafted this:

So the headings should be kinda obvious (at least I hope so!) but I thought it might trigger a bit of interest. How do you guys picture our planets? Not bothering with this stuff at the very extreme levels I don’t suppose they would have a discernible “Biosphere” for vegetable or Animal life. Maybe (I’m no astrophysicist) but I doubt it.


I’m always mildly annoyed at how planets in 4X games are “jungle” “tundra” or w/e planets. We have all those biomes just on earth… why would other planets be any different?


Of course old chap!

In the above I am assuming (much like the nominal temp we have now) that these are the average or predominating characteristics only. Naturally a world that has an ambient -20 might have a belt of islands around the equator that were above freezing if not actually comfortable for humanoid life.

In a way simply keeping it to landmass % & Temp Outscape has left it gloriously nebulous and we can think the planets surface the way we want it.

Naturally if it were up to me I’d complicate it with a third axis: Fecund/Toxic to reflect how advantageous or inimical to Biological life a planet was but, as I said, needless complication a la Zathabar…

I’d add in atmosphere thickness & composition, gravity strength, radiation & EM field, and draw a nice five dimensional graph. So yeh, I definetily get what you’d do.
(Then I’d add in different form of colonisation (floating cities, underground tunneling, spinning colonies, domes, etc… making planet colonization a tree with different specialisations so that players are incentiviced to share systems)

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Welcome to the mad scientist Club my dear fellow. If we keep posting we’ll have Joe & Co quaking in their boots!

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Global warming, natural disasters/quakes/storms/asteroid strikes, attacks from space monsters eating a planet and even a slight chance some deity snaps a finger and eliminates 50% of everyone’s population to spice things up…lol

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While I love the concept, if people thought the game was too complex before, oh boy. Also, not all races will have the same goldilocks zone of happiness adding yet another terraforming structure for better or worse.