What if troop transports could carry 100x more troops for the new server?

So as we know war in speed servers is kinda crappy. You got planets with 100+ ods, invasions are basically impossible and etc. This is a far to complex issue to solve quickly, see the many past threads.

However what if troop transports could carry very very very large amount of troops? This way you could have invasion fleets of like 10m+ troops, so invasions could actually win. Ofcourse the defender could fairy 1m+ troops to defend planets and with ods they can still hold off large size invasion.

I think it would be a very fun and very simple change they could make for the upcoming server

Could even argue to make ods even stronger for the server to make bombardments no longer possible on ods heavy worlds

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Seems to be the odd assumption you should be able to win an invasion in one try. Not every battle should be an auto win or even winnable.


Awaken the Dark server should be all about testing stuff and MAYBE implement on Main or reverse based on player feedback. So its a cool idea that should be tested, what could possibly go wrong? Hotfix after a week if its too broken, everyone joining Awaken the Dark should be aware that its a test ground.

The naysayers have to stop, cause Outscape is not a finished product but an idea that is still morphing, shaping and might one day be an impressive 4x mmo with exciting and varied gameplay that entertains lots of players.


You do know its really easy to make planets impossible to be invaded right? Main and speed servers… When you get a planet with high pop count + ods + a few barracks you can no longer take a planet via invasions in the current game… Kinda thought everyone knew this and agreed on this being bad already. Or maybe im misunderstanding something?

I never said it should be auto win. As i mentioned in the post the defender can easily move troops in to defend the planet. Between the ods and the 4x troop power boost they have a major advantage. (the only issue is not knowing how many troops are invading)

I just thought it would add alot of fun/excitement to the speed server. Also most importantly a very very very easy change to make, as they basically just need to add 2 zeros to a file.

You remember when we could make a troop ship of 448,000 with a single syntis freighter? If we still could syntis could do 7,616,000 troops in a fleet with a dred flag.

thats exactly what he suggested… o0 So do you want to discuss it or just deny anything?

It was removed because it was almost impossible to defend against. We went down that road already. lol


but its easy to defended against… ods kills 1/2 then you just move over 1m troops and you out number the invader. The invader ends up loosing resources at a 8:1 ratio or worse, that’s the best trade off for the defender ever

What needs to change is the ods costs and amounts that can be built not the troop totals.

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also ODS construction time


Frequent adjustment should be always allowed in early access games.

Besides, I’ve thought some numerical optimization mechanism for some part of core parameter configuration of this game might work.
That is difficult to be unsupervised machine learning, so some artificial indicators are required to realize it by supervised machine learning. The indicators should reflect how well the game is entertaining players at the moment.

Awaken Dark server is the only server I will play Outscape on and dont consider it a test server, unless the devs specifically say so. They should make a comparison between the next Awaken and Main server and see which server has most active players.