What happened to the governors idea?

Sounded like an interesting idea, governor AIs to place on planets that would trade with you, but not count against your direct empire? That sort of lost steam and fizzled? Hope its still coming in the next Main Galaxy map?


I believe it may have had something to do with no one asking for it in their top 5 wants. I can’t remember when they posted the idea, nor was I able to find it with a quick search.


I like this idea. Would certainly be an incentive to invade other colonies, rather than bomb them, when at soft cap due to corruption.

And if the occupied colony would be easier to retake, due to as someone suggested in the past, helping the invading/liberating force, would certainly help with people quitting when their colonies get bombed to dust.

Still, in the current way Outscape works, if you want to “win” a war it is more effective to blow away your opponents colonies and make him quit rather than give him a way to come back.

I believe the governor’s idea predates that and was one of the dev blogs.