Weapons [wiki page]


Just added to the wiki: https://wiki.beyonddark.net/Ship_Weapons - includes latest stats for all weapons.

Eventually, each weapon could have a dedicated page. For something like the carrier module this would be a priority, whereas the other weapons are fairly self-explanatory (if the energy/ordnance description covers sufficient detail).

What else needs to be mentioned here? Anything about energy/ordnance weapons, or different format of performance attributes?

Weapons Stats Energy/kinetic/specialised

For those of us who are new to this “type” of game, could you include a definition of the abbreviations used as the headings on each weapons category. Also the conversion rate for Limbal to Ordinance might be useful on this page.

Weapons Abbreviations

Nevermind - I found it at the bottom lol.

Missing - Credits (cost in credits)

Also the conversion rate for the Limbalt to Ordinance would still be useful



There seems to be a few things missing, like degree, angles, and flight time.

Also might want to explain how carrier models work, add in a blurb about balance and what the intention is with weapons and shields in the future, and explain firing arcs/angles, and flight time.

Edit: Explain about splash radius and how much extra damage the target takes, and if that damage effects shields or just directly to armor.



And range of weapons


I’ve added some extra fields and clarifications - still more to do though.

This page will change in future as battles are improved. Turret rotation speed is the only current property related to firing arcs (nothing for rockets yet).



Thank you for your hard work.


Really helpful. Thanks!