Weapons Stats Energy/kinetic/specialised


There are screens of weapons you can use for your ships (From Ripchee point of view)


Small weapon slots

S Plasma Cannon
S plasma canon

S Plasma Demolisher
S plasma dem

Medium weapon Slots

Medium Plasma Cannon
M plasma Cannon

Medium Plasma turret
M plasma turret

Medium Beam turret
M beam turret

Medium Ripchee Beam turret
M ripchee beam

L weapon slots
Dont have :smiley:


L Weapon slot Carrier module
BB carrier module

Kinetic (work in progress)


Hmm, good idea. Have all but the planet bombardment done atm for weapons and hulls, so think i’ll post everything for Syntis in 10 hours or so.


That ripchee beam turret is OP lol, be fun facing them for sure


Thanks for putting this together. I’m going to take a look at the wiki page right now and start getting all of the weapons and their stats updated…



Now we have damage and firerate too, wooohooo
Thank you very much