We need a tips and tricks topic!

A thing you will often find in a game’s general forum is a “tips and tricks” thread.

It has to be created by an admin, who will be able to always maintain it. He collects any tip and trick that are added and merges them. Also deletes other user’s replies when merged. The goal is to have everything usefull in the first post - or at least in the first page. It’s in the “general” forum because that’s the section newcomers will always check.

We can start giving some to feed it, here’s mine :

  • After a bug report, you always find your UI now displays infos you often don’t care about. If you dislike that you don’t have to alt-F4 and restart the game : press the console key (Azerty = “ù”, qwerty = “please someone add it”) and type “hide_debug_info”.

Make sure your population can keep growing throughout long builds.
IE do not say start a shipyard upgrade if you are nearing your Population cap. Build a farm first so you don’t waste growth time.

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Not only does this need to be “topic” it also needs to be a sub group to the wiki, along with training videos @joe @SternguardJake

the single best thing you can do to grow your population and empire is to take another planet, just be sure to take the good ones.

just because you dont need it, doesnt mean you shouldnt want it.

We have a couple of forum sections covering this already, namely the Guides and Tips and Tricks sections under the General heading.
As for the Wiki, these fall under a few different categories. For basic gameplay controls, we have Game Controls, Core Mechanics covers things like moving fleets and planet mining rates, and any written guides contributed by players can be posted at Player Guides (of which I have submitted two, further submissions are welcome!). I’ve also set up a little disambiguation page at Guides, so people can hopefully find what they’re after more quickly.

I found it, but it is listed under Game Help. Given that this version is Pre-Beta and seems so far to have quite a few “sticking” with it, can we get Game Help and the Wiki moved up and “General” which is rarely used moved down? On the forum so people who don’t look all the way down can find it? And a separate category for User developed training videos?

Some of the terminology used for describing things isn’t intuitive for finding them also. As I see them I’ll try to remember to point them out. The simpler term the better especially in a multi-lingual atmosphere.

Your empire grows, your fleet number grow, you start to get a bit lost?

Use naming conventions for fleets and sort the fleet’s galactic view by name, this will let you see fleets that need your attention in a convenient way. Put a “z” in front of fleets not meant to move everytime (like battleships guarding an area or fleets awaiting another to resume moving), “x” for ones you only have to check from time to time (like long cycle asteroid miners).



Too good a topic to get buried.

Tip: Remember you will need at least 4x Combat power of defending troops to have an evens chance to take a player home-world. These troops must all be delivered in a single fleet as well.

I’ve started a thread here for tips and tricks: Tips & Tricks Ultimate List. Anything else, let me know :slight_smile: