Water Spirit not working

I have put a total of 5 water spirts on a world. This should move the land/water by 5% each, so it should have changed it 25%? It does not seem to have moved. Am I missing something?

What was the original landmass of the world?

I think it was about 20%, so it should be 45% now? Is there a way I can check what it started at?

You’re a Ripchee, your “optimum” landmass is 30%, there is no way you can raise it higher than that.

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And just to chime in, while this seems like a significant disadvantage (and it is), I believe it’s meant to help counterbalance the fact that Ripchee can get cloaking fleets of 12 ships, which is frankly ridiculous and will be a huge advantage for you later.

You can also sometimes get around the 30% land mass penalty by colonizing planets that already have high land mass. Lower the land mass to raise your growth rate and then start destroying the terraforming structures to raise the land mass and increase your popcap (by which time you should have some city centers to keep your growth rate up).

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Yup & Yup! Plus don’t forget the Rips have a density multiplier so on 30% land they get what other races would have on 45% (Approximately)

Completely unrelated. The races are balanced in other ways to address the land mass and related topics.

The rest of your comment is valid, though.

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