Warp Scrambler Field - a minefield replacement

Planets can build a warp scrambling structure. The effect is that it forces non-allied ships to go warp 1 while inside the scrambler range, which is I think should be about 4 light years – that’s a fairly large distance.

I’m thinking of something like how EVE works, really, where attacks are scheduled more by the defender than the attacker. If you want to send your fleets against me, they will hit my warp interdiction field and if I’m ready to fight them, I will go out and fight them. If I’m not ready then you can slow crawl in.

Unlike minefields, though, this is just a soft barrier. It’s a time barrier with a definite time frame which we can design into it based on how wide we make the field (or how slow it makes the ships).


What if you turn around to leave? Will it still be at W1?

My thoughts on that are “yes, you are committing to the attack”.

If you don’t feel confident, then don’t send your ships against some guy’s system. There may be no turning around. You got to make your play and now he gets to make his.

Then no I disagree. You can accidentally enter someone’s space just travelling through, unless there’s sufficient warning that there’s such a field existing, you can’t get away fast enough to avoid getting attacked by the person in the system with it on.

I’m on a long distance travel now. I wouldn’t be able to go meet up with my friends and get fuel along the way if something like this existed.

Then you probably should be more careful about what systems you decide to drive your warfleets past. We don’t need more gameplay that consists of “Ah ha! I’m attacking! Oh no! I run away! No, I attack again! No, I run away!”

It’s dumb gameplay. If you want to dive into a system then you are committing yourself to the schedule, firepower and whims of the owning player, which is how it has to be – a process EVE spent years figuring out and many games still struggle with.

I would probably just make the field visible on regular scanners, though. I don’t see a need for a special device.

I do think there should be a way to spy into the system, but I would almost rather come up with a real “spy” system (as many 4X games have) rather than try to shoehorn it into a ship. The problem with spy ships is they turn into another Online Vs Offline gameplay aspect. I can spy on you because you log out but you can’t spy on me because I play 24/7.

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I’m in middle of BFE, I have no idea who’s around me atm. I’m heading about 1k LY from home. A player should be able to turn and reverse out of the area at normal warp speed or I disagree. Nuff said by me on the topic.

Nope. That will completely devolve gameplay into “oh you’re awake? Crap, be back later”.

You need to stop pushing for ideas that helps clans offline people.

Don’t tell me what “I” need to do please. I’m not pushing for anything. You are pushing for a ton of stuff due to one series of encounters, not the overall game. And this is in multiple threads. That’s what happens when one player takes on several without backup.

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Have made the suggestion if a fleet in a interdiction field is caught it gets a +2 boost while running away.

This type of field needs to be very visible as well.

Also players could use this as a trap by setting a building to dismantle then letting someone get in the field and not letting them have the ability to escape an honest mistake being there.

Idea! You know how fleets evade planets in systems? There could be an on/off switch on the fleet gadget for slow zone evasion. That way fleets could go around them.

I really like the idea. I think, it should slow down fleets under warp 1 to 0.5 or something, so players like me could have a chance to intercept some of the attacking fleets. 4 lys at warp 1 is crossed a bit under 8 hours. Then 9 hours for an invasion. If people attack right after I left the game, then when I get back in game my planet could be gone. And all attacking ships already left my system. :slightly_frowning_face:

If crossing the field would take 16 hours I would have a chance to at least send troops to my planet. And I could send a fleet to attack the enemy leaving my system. But, I guess it would be too slow for most of the players. And everyone wants to defeat the enemy without any (or minimal) losses so ninja attacks against offline players will be the main theme. :cry:

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Yeah and in a way, making it take 16-20 hours to cross a field would probably be perfect. You can then time your own attack in a sensible manner, if the enemy chooses not to counter it. I will aim to hit the field at 11pm knowing that this means I am ready to start my planetary bombardment tomorrow at 7pm.

Timers like “9 hours” are actually super awkward. If I start at 7pm, I finish at 4am?? What good is that? Or I start at midnight and finish at 7am? What kind of weirdo are we making games for here?

If we want to target normal humans then timers should tend to be more like 16-20 hours. Start a thing at midnight and you’re ready for the next step as you log in tomorrow after work. It takes away a lot of the current advantage that people get by, frankly, not having a life. The game majorly rewards sitting at home all day in your underwear eating potato chips and never sleeping more than 3 hours at a time. You need to live like that to take full advantage of this game’s timers, which is rather ridiculous.

I’m afraid this will just devolve into more offlining. You can simply try to attack at various times on various days and if I respond, you run away and try again later.

Worse, it kind of mandates the attacker stay online the whole time because he CAN react, therefore being online is a huge advantage over someone who logs off. I want to level that out.

We need attackers to commit. We make defenders commit when they log off. Why is there nothing like this for attackers?

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Its come up multiple times so ofcourse i agree.

Not a fan of being able to run away faster. Your attacking you gotta take a risk

Still argue for a even larger field along with the w1 version but w2/w3/w4, This way the general space around is still some what safe from raids on freights. Maybe w4 would be the best so fast enemy fleets could still catch freighter fleets moving at w3, but not have the fleets fly in hit, and fly out at w9 in 1-4 hrs. This way if they want todo raids they are limited to fleets coming out of edge systems, or using cloaking to go deeper

One thing that will be important is having who is generating the field be visible. Need a way to know which player owns the system, as you cant really send a scout when it takes 20 hrs (odds are it will be shoot down). Otherwise you have no idea where a players boarders are, and you could be sending a warfleet into some neutral players system

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I do think the game needs a spy/scout mechanic that doesn’t rely on ships. Like “agents” in other games. Spend some kind of spy points to get a scout report for a target system.

Using ships for spying is just another online vs offline problem in general.

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Until someone sneaks behind your lines and builds one in your operating area and you get stuck for who knows how long. Now think of an alliance doing this and setting up several in an area they plan to attack and take over. Without a way to turn and run you are screwed and can’t escape.

And this brings up what will be the counter to this type of deployment? Don’t say home-worlds only can do it because we can now spawn those anywhere as forward operating bases with 28 days immunity.

until someone sneaks behind your lines and builds one in your operating area

If you didn’t own a planet there to have a field on, then was it really your operating area? Seems like they just took a system you weren’t using. If you had a warp scrambler up then they wouldn’t be able to sneak in.

you get stuck for who knows how long

You know precisely how long: the time it takes to get through the field at warp 1. Compare that to present day minefields where you can be stuck until I run out of limbalt, which might be “never”.

The good news is you can form up a battle fleet and sally out of the warp scrambler in full force. You can’t do that with present day minefields, which require you to break your fleets up.

what will be the counter

The counter will be that you don’t send attack fleets into a system if you only want wins that are “2 ez”.

The defender has a lot on the line. Why do you want to give the attackers all the cards and let them avoid all risk? You want to attack? Attack then. Put your cards on the table and rumble. The real counter is you bring warfleets that the defender can’t beat and you walk in and take his stuff.

I mean this is an idea I’m advocating as an aggressive player. I will absolutely take my own medicine. I think it will be good for the game. If I want your system, then I’m sending my best warfleets. Being stuck in a warp 1 field during travel is comparable to the fact that normal people log out anyway. We find out what happens tomorrow.

read what I posted again.

What will you do if someone drops an interdiction field in your operating area?

What if an alliance drops several around your area of operations?

What if home-worlds we can spawn anyplace with a colony ship have interdiction as a baseline building and have 28 days of immunity and you can do nothing about it? And when the 28 days is up that planet drops a friend code for another 28 days of immunity?

Your points have nothing todo with how fast you exit a field

As for offensive fields, you just make them take 2 days to build or something. Also we are talking about a field with a small radius, you are only effecting 1 system with these fields. So if you own the system someone would have had to sneak in a colonyship, and resources though your field, and then build the building. Mean while this is adding corruption to them. After all that, its only effecting one system. I still argue for t3 radar to see into system/planets. Otherwise sure a cloaked ship could do all that with out you knowing

Have homeworlds auto destroy them as they spawn in? With tech requirement they wont beable to build them

It could be a system unique building. The first interdictor will be the only one on any of the planets.

Avoid them?

How about, not allowing friend invites into a system with a home planet / interdictor field?

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Something like this could be useful as

  1. it could give the player a chance to receive help from friends who might be a few hours away
  2. you would need to rely on scouts, scanners, and friends to warn if someone is entering your area and gives you time to react before they could set up a base
  3. someone finds out when you work knowing you will be offline, but with a warp jamming system you could possibly have a chance to react when you got home
  4. if someone quits and leaves jammer on then all it would take is a little while longer but you will eventually defeat that planet and shut down jammer
  5. Set it up that if you are large enough to get a jammer in the tech tree, then use it, you lose the 28 day protection this also will put a stop from someone putting a jammer in your area

These are just my thoughts

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