Warning! Worst game killing troubles!

Worst game killing troubles:

  1. Manual fleet management for every fleet.
  2. Limit of 10 buildings to add in queque by one adding
  3. Inablity to select give orders for the large group of fleets in one go.
  4. Unsafe offline. There is no way to defend planets from be destroy by bombing (which also means there is also no way to safe ur fleets except stupid mass stockpiling all of alliance fleets in one orbit)

@joe I believe each and every one of this aspect brings great frustaration and burden for any player who try to play it seriously.
Untill this 4 critical issues are exist the Outscape is unaccaptable and unplayable for normal healthy players. Only such a mad patients like some old fellows who still did not leave the project can tolerate this.

P.S. I don’t recommend to play this for anyone untill each of 4 will be fixed or else u will pay for it with ur nerves.
P.P.S And I’m especially frustarated to see that all these 4 shits influence players and kickes newcomers for more than year and devs do nothing to change the critical situation


There’s no limit of 10 buildings in a queue - when you hit max, it defaults to 10, but you can exceed that if you have enough resources. But yes you are limited to 5 different structures at a time.

The only one I think that is important other than the QOL improvement is #4. Though you can have fleets defend with guards now. Did you have guards up? Bombers aren’t very strong, fight wise, and can be easily killed.

He want’s to be able to type in 400 so he can setup the exploits faster…


Using guards to protect all your planets is mathematically impossible due to the tiny guard zone which usually only covers 1-3 of your systems. With 60+ systems and 250 ish fleet cap there is no way to effectively guard all your planets and a clever player will just bypass heavily guarded systems.

Even if you could, we are talking about AI vs Human. Clever players will always outsmart an AI, specially one without any buffs, and I think one of the biggest design flaws in this game is that it does not differentiate between when you are online and offline and that is huge when it comes to any gameplay elements, including defense.

Things like planetary shields, which would protect your planets and fleets in orbit when offline, would go long ways to make you safe and have some piece of mind when you are not logged in.

Perharps language barrier makes a troubles for me. 2nd point is about this shit. And it pose a problem with farms, energy, happiness and most importantly - farms wich are needed in hundreds. Yeah I build many many many farms. And I hate myself for this. I should drop this shitty game in the moment when I did adding 10 by 10 of these damned mines. I’m pissed with this by far.

And about guard fleets or fleets in orbit or etc. Guard fleets are feed - they didn’t guard anything but just stand and wait when someone will be interested to wreck it. Moreover if someone with enough of patient to play this shity game is interested in destroing u than no matter what at the current game version any ur planet can be easly destoyed in the time of 1hour for bombing + time needed to fly to ur system. There is no need to discuss the size of ur fleets - at the any time there will be player or group of players who will be able to have advantage in numbers in a system. This is easy thing to do and always happens. The critical trouble is that this shit will happens when players sleeping or working and there is no way to avade. This can be barely acceptable for x10 galaxy were ur losing are nothing compare to those ones in x1 where planet builded for monthes can be destroyed after 1hour of bombing. Actually this bombing is the same story as those sabers that I had used back than. The only difference is that no one didn’t use bombing is such a scale and moment. Normal players will delete Outscape after realising that there is no way to avade this. Ah of course there is exeption - sharing control for account/planets/fleets with another mad outscape’s players but this isdifferent story and is not ok for regular players.


I have no desire to make millions of scores in emperor and take 1st this way. The thing I do in antradit is building fleets. When I will have enough (from my perspective) I will go to bomb everyone to proof #4. Just because our silly outscape’s gamer comunity does not understands things untill they happens.

I agree with you on #1 - it is annoying and is a QOL improvement that should be made - but it does not make the game unplayable - let’s hope we get a QOL improvement to make that better.

#2 is less of an annoyance than #1, since you can hit max 10 times and get 100. It’s not a big issue - but yes a minor annoyance. Again - not a game stopper.

#3 is a serious problem during war time because you want to be able to direct an armada instead of individual fleets. Very annoying during war and should be a QOL improvement they could give to improve things with a minimal amount of programming.

#4 is a serious problem, that IDA has been continuing to address. No guards don’t work well yet, and need improvement. With all the complaints regarding offline time from so many players that maybe IDA should consider an 8 hour truce with a 16 hour cooldown between truces so people can sleep and not abuse it 24/hrs a day. I’m hesitant with this one, because people like to turtle. But with a 16 hour cooldown, then it would be abused less.

I’d like to see bombing require more time as well. 1 hour doesn’t seem reasonable to wipe out a planet’s entire population and doesn’t give an offline person time to respond. Possibly it should take 1 hour to turn off the ODS via bombing, then take 9 hours to complete the elimination of the population similar to the time for invasions and this should give plenty of time for the defender to respond. But I say the 1 hour for the ODS to go offline because only a syntis could withstand tanking for more than an hour.

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Trying to balance the game based on the fact that you can get destroyed while not even playing, i.e. offline, is a fools errand. It will never work except for the very few hardcore gamers out there who do not work and can be online most of the time.

It should be like in Eve where only alliance owned assets can be destroyed when not online. That works because most alliances have some people on at all hours of the day.

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This I disagree with. Outscape is a persistent galaxy and when a players starts playing they should be aware of this. I hesitate to suggest truces, but that would give a player time for rest between time online.

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All MMOs are persistent. That does not mean that you should be able to “lose” when not even playing. That is a design flaw that has little to do with persistent states.

I mean this is a game. What kind of game lets someone beat you when you are not playing?

For example, I just had a shower, evening snack and enjoying some time online, browsing and what not. And it has been about 3 hours since I logged in. During that 3 hours, someone would have plenty of time to destroy 1-2 of my planets and I would not even be aware of it.

That is just poor design.

That’s why I suggested that bombings should take at least 9 hours to complete. That along with a truce should give a player plenty of time to react, knowing what type of game they are playing.

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I like that idea but what about work deadlines? Weekend get-aways? etc etc

That is why I think any kind of “fix” for offline bombing would be ultimately inadequate for the vast majority of gamers out there.

Some sort of “real” long therm protection is needed. Like for example different zones where PvP/bombing is enabled/disabled.

I know the devs are thinking about special zones for PvE and I think they should expand that idea for PvP as well. Concentrate the PvE and PvP in special zones which you need to teleport to and have the bulk of your systems in the protected zone. Most of the resources would be in these special zones to give you something to fight over.

That way most of the action, in both PvP and PvE and even PvPvE, would be between people being online and fighting each other and not between online and offline players.

I have always advocated a periodic truce for vacations and such, at a cost and limited in number to prevent turtling.

If you are right, then this game should not exist. The previous game I played was a 24/7 persistent galaxy with just as much to lose. You could purchase short term truces to allow you to sleep with cooldowns on them to prevent abuse.

They should just extend the length of time for planets to be taken so a person has time to react. I’m not opposed to PvE zones for people who don’t want to play a PvP game, or a separate galaxy for such players where PvP is not possible.

That’s all I have to say on it.

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There is a reason why MMORTS/Strategy games are so rare. One of them is that few gamers accept the fact that people can attack them when they are not even playing.

For me that is almost a contradiction. How can someone beat you in a game you are not even playing?

At the same time, how can you build an empire and wage war against others if they can simply log off and be safe?

There is no easy answer and hence why so few MMOs like this exist.

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@Puma U r thinking about the shit as it only just annoyances because u r a bit crazy as well as every who stays and keeps trying to do anything in the game. Any normal person will get burned by all this annoyances. This is one of the biggest factors why Outscape is unpopular. And even have no chances.

Cm’n thre is 100fleet and in order to give a one command to it u need to click 200 times in repeatable action. Normal person just will delete the game after this.

Or there is Syntis for example. I had made 7 shipyard planets, 7 credit income planets (which were more than enough even without overpop) one troops planet and finally 6 outposts just with scanner and perharps something else. All other planets are mines in number of 60-7-7-1-6=39. Every damned mining planet have about 400 mines. That means 39*400= 15600 mines = 1560 repeating of adding 10 mines in building. Normal person will delete the game in the beggining of this process.
Ah! Almost forgot! And every mistake with queque that turning in need of replacing it from queue one by one only adds oil in the fire.

In the end we have the shit where even if u a bit crazy person and tolerate all this shit untill u have build a proper empire u already burned up because of tiring and boring stuff and lossing any desire to continue. And Normal person will delete the game in this moment.


Have you even looked at Outscape’s reviews on Steam - MOSTLY POSITIVE so it’s anything but unpopular.

reviews. lol. reviews my grandpa.

Tell me how many ppl play outscape continiusly in the period of at least year. I’m telling u - very very few. Because newcomers 99,9% get burned and delete this shit.

You have been complaining about this game calling it names since you started - you’re just a trouble maker and exploiter - I doubt it’s any different from any other game you’ve been involved it. It’s how you get your jollies. So have fun, keep bashing what you seem to spend so much time on. I hope that Joe gets the positive feedback from the rest of us to counter your excessive negativity. And thanks to @nizarious3901 and AE for pointing out all the exploits you held so close to your vest.

I’m proud to say that the outscape is the only shit were I stayed for long. usually I delete such a broken games right in the beginning.
BTW I had many fun years in Lineage2 than Rising Force online than Perfect World than w3’s dota than Age of Wushu and atm sometimes play Elite Daangerous. All this games are great and well made with proper support.
I believe I should delete outscape and forget this shit as a bad nightmare ASAP

Agree we need fleet setup templates, create fleet groups, waypoints, build to template, drag to select group, many many more transport/fleet orders… area guards not just planet guards

yes 100% max should be max resource limiit not 10…

see above

This is why I dont care about any of the servers… the 10x servers are real nice, but in places way too fast… player offline for 10 hours… thats 1 round of close monitor bombing and 9 rounds of fire and forget. its too fast and needs major slowdown n some areas