WANTED Ripchee lover! Apply to the (Perfectly harmless) Snake


Are you a Kitty? Do you like playing small furry animals? But not prejudiced to cold hearted flinty souled reptiles?

If so we at CCCP may have an opportunity for YOU!

We have the rare opportunity to offer some quality Ripchee rich worlds to the right discerning player!

Our scouts have come across a cluster of perfectly harmless worlds with poor lost Ripchee begging for a charismatic leader to help them on their way to galactic destiny!

Signing up to CCCP alliance is a requirement of course and there may be interviews with other member’s.


To take advantage of this limited time offer apply to me or @Icefox


(One time test the water event only here peeps before they close the loophole on the crazy play with friends “feature” just an experiment to see if we can get some good outta it! PM me for details. Besides we all need a laugh over this “Feature” its been far too serious of late!)

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LMAO, now that is entertainment.