Wanderer's Bulletins and Fan-Fiction

Hi all,

In order to stop spamming the game channel :-), will be posting stories based on my game-experiences.The first one, posted below, is about an inactive syntis homeworld that I am invading:

"The Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Empire of Wanderia addressed questions regarding the plight of the abandoned sentient machines in a neighboring system. He began by stating, ‘Approximately 48 hours ago we received an uncoded clear-text transmission originating from [xxxx], 20 LY from our present location in the Homeworld. Prior experience has taught us that this message is a fail-safe emitted by the machines when the AI core that created and manages them goes offline. We have dispatched a fleet of science and technical staff to render aid.’

A particularly brave reporter asked, 'Does this mean the Empire is invading the machine homeworld? ’ The Minister laughed, responding 'Hardly! Ours is a peaceful empire, we are merely seeking to render aid to these poor abandoned machines. ’ The reporter continued, ‘But isn’t it true that over 95% of the fleet is composed of combat attack landing pods full of armed marines?’ 'Not at all, ’ the Minister began, ‘… it is merely a precaution. When the AI core is no longer responding, the remaining machines respond erratically. We have dispatched a modest security force to ensure the safety of our technical staff. We have no desire to invade our neighbors I can assure you!’

Humanitarian (machinarian?) assistance or outright invasion, you be the judge folks. And that concludes our report, Skip, over to you at IGNN."