Wait, what? Cancel battle! Don't engage! run for your liiii-


5 Fantasma, 2 blackbirds, 2 advanced sparrow.

I like how the game tells me “You have to build more battleships” :smiley:

Flying farsu and ziryl, yummmy!

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LOL somebody built a T3 shipyard!!!

Relax that’s just the Pizza delivery guys… “Hey mac somebody order the Farsu special with crispy Zyril topping?”

Pirates Delivering Heaps of Farsu to your door in one easily torpedoed package since 2018…

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Well, it’s done.

However I’ve got a question, reason why I recorded this : I noticed the T37 in the rear could not fire most of the time and tried very rarely.

So : when it did fire, the shots seemed to hit the ships in front of it, is that really what happened?
And : when placing ships, does the whole circle of a ship block line of sight?