[VIDEO] So Carriers Arent So Useless After All


In this video you see me and Ja Ruler have a battle with our full syntis battleship fleets. He was using carriers on some of his battleships and they actually did some damage. In this video you see them launch, attack and kill one of my battleships. He managed to kill two of mine with his carriers.


I still don’t know if this was that good, in the time it took to overkill your vessel, which had already been hit a bunch, he could have been using Torps, and got off at least 2 maybe 3 shots, would have still killed you, and been able to do extra damage to a different fleet. Your weapons that do less damage buy fire more really were superior here.


They can be decent. Just have them target whatever your other ships arent. He only had one carrier on his battleships and they do 700 damage so that might’ve been enough to finish it off.


Plus in the back of my fleet another one of my battleships was only hit by 2 or 3 torpedo salvos, thats 2160 damage, my battleships have 3k armor. Mightve been hit by a few missiles too. So the carriers did do decent in finishing it.


i moved away from carriers. those were old designs i built at start. i have to agree with cheatle here that on the DPS front i think carriers will do less damage overall if fully fitted v miss and or bal. nice to see them working though. glad i got to see this battle as i deleted before watching by mistake,

do the carrier craft keep on attacking when the carrier ship is destroyed? if so why not just continue hitting enemy until all dead? unless drones perhaps and they lose guidance when the host ship is destroyed i guess.

i will have to rethink using them though. But i don’t think i have much time left now to find out.


Battles that close are ridiculous… surely the battle needs to start much further back… and I mean way back… i’m not sure if that’s related to the removal of the fleet range setting due to a bug… If it is we need that back and fixed… any tactic involving carriers needs to include range since they fly slow and need time…


Im not saying you should re do all your fleets with carrier modules torpedos are still better at dealing damage. I say have two or 3 carriers in back and have them target what your other ships arent because a syntis battleship with 4 carriers will deal 2800 damage to whatever it targets that is enough to kill all but two ships in this entire game and thats with only a single battleship. Have two or three carriers in the back of your fleet so theyll only take damage from torpedos or missiles which gives them enough time to launch and attack. But they still are underpowered in my opinion. The power consumption should be reduced from 700 to 500. Not a single battleship in this game except maybe the admiral can utilize carriers without using multiple generators.