Username changes

Is there going to be put into place a way to update or change your user Name @joe

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Or at least a way to input an Empire name that is shown more predominantly. Keep the Steam name in there somewhere if it’s an accountability issue but I would like a bit more roleplayish Empire name that everyone sees other than “Slamz”.

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I can agree to that

+1 Really want to have a gamer name, nothing so linked to my real name

These are all things that were planned to come down the line and cost real money. No advantage from them so not pay to win, but a way for IDA to make money.

I won’t mind so long as after launch there’s a restriction. Your server name has your previous names pinned in a public profile until you fully reset (no seedship). There are otherwise in-game advantages to changing your ID mid-game.

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Right now you can hide yourself as a pirate, what’s the difference…

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Pirates have a trail of witnesses and as I’d suggested in that topic there will likely be many more mechanics to pierce layers of veil.

No one should be free to rampage, hide for a bit and then return with all their gains and none of the burden for how they won it, simply because they opened their wallet.

For now it doesn’t make too great a difference as credits, resources and fleets are not at all balanced. Everything to hide’s already in overabundance. I expect that to change with more content and mechanics.

Same happens with someone hiding as a pirate. If your neighbor all of a sudden sports a new name, you’ll be able to figure out who it is/was just the way you can figure out who a pirate is.

IDA needs a non pay to win way to make money, this is one way, though they could limit name changes to no more than once per 30 day period.

There will be mechanics to counter mechanics. There should be no need or desire to counter someone’s wallet.

Every thirty days the player can pay to win clean hands and repeat the same behaviors that drove him to fear consequences? If he wants to pretend he didn’t do what he did he can reset anew.

Maybe IDA can assign us a user number and allow us to pay to assign our name. User number never changes and is available on the leaderboard information. Then the person is always that user number, yes you’d have to track the bad guys user numbers, but that shouldn’t be difficult.

I would limit name changes to the start of the game. Once you join Main2, you pick a name and that is the name you use for the entire duration of Main2.

In a single player 4X game I can choose radically different playstyles from one game to another. I can be the sneaky spy type this time, then go for the diplomatic victory the next time and the straight up military murderfest after that. The AI doesn’t look at me and go “oh ho you’re that guy that beat us up last time, we’re onto you now!” A fresh game is a chance to change your playstyle entirely, or even roleplay something completely new.

So long as we are tied to our steam names, I doubt that can happen here.

I very much am against changing names mid-game, though. Your reputation within a galaxy should be fixed and known.


IDA needs a way to make money, at the beginning of the game would really restrict their revenue flow. If they used user id rather than name, that is a constant forever in the specific server they are on and possibly in all servers from the time the join the IDA community.

I’m cool with buying titles and even changing the display name so long as there’s a public history of it until total reset.

We wouldn’t want a name or number fixed on everyone across servers though. As Slamz said, we’ll try different styles and may need different friends. If a player genuinely learns from foul mistakes there’s no need for reputation to follow the player if he has indeed lost everything (reset).

I will amend my last statement: we should probably allow name changes on restart too. We had a guy attack me and get btfo, so he quit and restarted…right next to some other alliance members. Maybe he learned his lesson and wanted a fresh start but having the same name isn’t going to let him do that.

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