Usage of case in consistent

From my perspective its annoying to see so much with no first upper case letter… looks messy :smile:

Potential rename of “orbit” to “ODS” - its been used in the forums as ODS in discussions… makes sense to have it as ODS on the user interface.

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As a suggestion to go with this… to reduce some clutter.

remove the stated “no mining” and replace with 0 /h ?

and where the mining concentration is zero e.g.


then simply grey out the icon and let a hover over show that it is not present on the planet.

there is also some inconsistencies.

Shows none in the density on the main dash but “LOW 0%” in the popup. Might be better when its zero to say “NONEXISTENT” or something… or “NONE”



should we just hide the empty circle? and remove the “no population”…

I would prefer a cleaner dash… or make it a feature you can toggle on or off :stuck_out_tongue:

Prefer yes or no

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I agree with most of these suggestions. Some related tweaks have already been requested, so I’ll get these looked at at the same time.

I like the idea of making it much clearer which resources aren’t present on a planet, but I think hiding them entirely could be a step too far. Will see if our designer has any suggestions.