Upgrade/repair time


I’d like to see ship repair/upgrade times increased and actions like that put in queue, as opposed to simultaneous work on fleets now. Upgrade cost feels fair, but it detracts from strategic play with pretty much instant times atm.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve quit couple 4x games because of cheesy ship production through instant upgrades. Would like it addressed here before it becomes a problem really.


I think its good. Unless you want vega conflict refit times of 3 days for a single item.


Upgrade a battleship and get back to us. It’s far from instant, even if you’re just replacing one gun.


I’ve been upgrading destroyers, and I get about 1h per ship. In general, it seems most of the time is ship construction, and not fitting, which is exactly how it should be.

As @BigBoomer said, we shouldn’t be spending more time fitting than we do building. In Vega I could build a ship in like 5 days, but refitting took 3-4 weeks. Not cool.

Also, it seems that ship building is the sum of the base ship time, plus modules. Upgrades should be just module time. Really, they should add a bit of extra time because the old hardware needs to be removed first.

I do wish that equipment was built at different factories, then fit to the ships. So when replacing weapons the old ones would be uninstalled and go into an inventory. Something like how it was done in Eve.


Upgrades are more like refitting Mech in Battletech, time to remove old kit to inventory, and time to fit new kit after.

If IDA don’t want to implement an inventory, simply make itso you use/get back the balance of the resources in the modules.


I think the current times are fine. Repair is based on damage received, minor damage, short repair. Major damage, much longer repair. I’ve had repairs last from a few minutes for minor damage to a few hours for major damage. Upgrades are based on the hull, scouts are minutes and higher could take well over an hour.

I think it would be difficult to queue the upgrades, though it would be nice to have a queue and be able to have them done sequentually.


If you are doing multiple upgrades they queue already. I’ve upgraded multiple ships in a fleet, and it just increases the total time.


This is a 4XRTS, not just a 4X.

The current times reflect the ability to get ships right back into the battle within hours/days. Also, to retrofit you have to pay an additional cost in credits.