Updated data for wiki?


Is there a way to get the data for building/ship/module costs without having to research it? I find that information extremely useful when planning what to research, and doing progression planning.

If there’s a way to get this info I’d be more than happy to work through updating the wiki with the information.



I agree here we really need all the information on everything before hand so that each of us can plan out our play styles accordingly.


Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:We’re trying to update the wiki as quickly as possible.


Can players help? If it’s just a matter of scrolling through a data export and putting it into the wiki I’m sure plenty of players would volunteer.


We appreciate any help. But it’s not as easy as it may look.
Right now we’re trying to link wiki pages with our doc files so they could auto-update.


A couple of us were working on the wiki a couple weeks ago until we figured out about their docs and the way they have everything set up meant a complete overhaul of the wiki was needed and every patch it would need updating - but if we didn’t notice a change or bug it wouldn’t update. A game that changes as vastly as this one does on a regular basis is kind of a pain to keep up with. I think the devs have the right idea with their doc.

For the meantime your best bet is asking in game chat if anyone has stats for something.