Unsure Automation Questions

So in Skirmish I have grab a few planets and put them into AUtoMode but after a few days not one of them has done ANYTHING whatsoever.

yes I made sure they had a stockpile of beron enough for a few buildings at least and sure I figure population is a limit but one at least got to a Penalty unemployment figure before I lost my patience with it and manually started to tweak things.

Has anyone else observed this at all? It may be my unfamiliarity with the new system but after a few days I would have expected at least something to happen? As a long range though could we have Auto Governor built Buildings highlighted in some way so we know who did what?

Also while I think of it MUCH later when we have “Friends” in game any danger of using their names as the “Govenor” of a given planet… LOL weather they got a buff for doing this is up to you guys but would be funny as hell…

I started using the gverner on some planets before they had the update and got tired of them producing the wrong buildings and tried to shut them down. I say tried because I only recently discovered that i did not find them all and some were still “active” weeks later. After the update, it appears that none of them produced anything. In the skirmish galaxy, I turned it on for 2 planets to see what would happen, I waited 5 minutes and added a few buildings.

On my 3rd planet, it didnt arrive with a large population so I was only able to add 1 building, but I wasnt sure when I would be back in time to prevent the population from rioting after adjusting the tax rate so I turned on the gov. 20 hrs later I still had 2 buildings and 30% unemployment as mankind.

So like me it doesn’t appear to be doing anything? @joe any comment?

There are conditions for triggering the auto-builder, but one of them is waiting 6+ hours for it to kick in. Not 5 minutes.

Beyond that, available population, power, beron, etc… all play a part.

So you think I should wait longer than 2 days on my Test world then? Ok

I could see they had about 5K unemployment 50 Power to spare and beron to build a few mines at least so genuinely wondering why it seem to be doing anything.

We shall see!

I’m not on the new server, so I can’t say for sure, but on the main server I still have planets auto-upgrading and I haven’t touched them in weeks.

It’s working on the A3 server as seen by the cute things it builds in the pic, but I have yet to see it do anything on the skirmish server for a few days, so I manually built a few things there now.

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Thanks for this.

@joe I still am not seeing any “movement” on the couple of worlds I left on full Auto… Can you check its working? I am not sure it is on Skirmish Galaxy.

I have yet to see it build anything. All i’ve noticed is it kinda mess with taxes. doesn’t lower taxes enough to prevent happiness from plumeting from a rock so not sure how much help thats going to be. Perhaps down the road we can get a little more control on the triggers/limits because right now it seems to be doing little to nothing.

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Not checked in a couple days but it’s now started upgrading farms on skirmish. Two so far…