When a starsytem has been explored and the spaceship has left the system, the system returns to unexplored. no information is visible anymore, no planets are visible.

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That is being addressed by the developers somewhat soon I believe. It’s been an issue for quite some time. It’s not a bug. Once you are out of sensor range, the information disappears, when you return, the last information you had returns (or should). Most of us keep the info written down for now, or leave a scout behind until you can get back there to perform whatever task you wanted to there (picking up res or colonizing).


It’s a feature, heh.

I suggest spreadsheets, or lots of screenshots.

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No way this is a feature lol. If we can’t even store data we should not be flying between the stars xD


Work on exploration history is at an advanced stage (I’ve just seen a demo of it). As you explore stars/planets they will remain visible when no longer in scanner range. I’ll post details when it will be coming as soon as I have them.


Great news.

I am sure, I am not the only one who visited the same system twice to explore it. Only to find, that you already did.


Good news indeed. I always hate space games that have more low tech systems than we have currently available. Would be like living in the BC era before writing was popular.