Unexplained disappearance of planet structures


We’ve had several reports about structures disappearing from a planet with no explanation why. For example:

  • A shipyard is no longer on a planet
  • There are no notifications/planet log entries to indicate it was destroyed by rioting or an orbital strike
  • Happiness level looks good enough to not have caused rioting in the first place

From the cases we’ve been able to look in to, each instance was related to rioting, but the notification wasn’t generated. The reason the planet then has ok happiness is because the destruction of the structure lead to happiness improving (probably as a result of one less undesirable structure).

Apologies for any confusion and frustration caused by this. We plan to do the following:

  • Make it much less likely that a shipyard can be destroyed by rioting in the first place
  • Fix the missing notification about the structure being destroyed by rioting and clarify which structure it was

In the meantime, please let us know if you do inexplicably lose a structure and are fairly sure it wasn’t related to rioting.



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My primary experience has not been losing existing structures, but ones I started not finishing. Not sure if I’m losing the res. This is occurring when an update/patch/server maintenance occurs while it’s building.



Thanks, I’ll pass this info on and will see what the devs say.

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I have missing structures on my starting homeworld I tried to build a new one and it is gone as well as many other building.
The game lag’s really bad and this forum type support is horrible we some kinda direct action support so we know if these problems will ever get fixed.



I’m missing actual structures now myself. Almost all of the structures I added to Auriga 19 D are missing. I’m upgrading the shipyard at the moment, I’ll see if they return after the upgrade is finished in about 11 hours.



I am finding that my transporters are what’s missing, I’m getting the power back, but not the resources. Could they be disappearing from rioting?



After yesterday’s 0.775 update, structures should no longer be disappearing without an explanation. If a structure is gone, there should be a notification in the planet log explaining what happened (shipyards and climate stations will no longer be destroyed during rioting). The planet log button appears next to the regular notices button when viewing planet management (the button on the right in below image):


It’s not likely we can confirm what happened to structures that disappeared before the update, but from the cases we were able to solve, each involved rioting due to unhappiness (but once the structure had been destroyed, it enabled happiness to recover, making it look like the planet had no issues with happiness).



We are working on getting this lag under control as soon as possible. After Alpha, we will be introducing a support ticket system for players.

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It’s very likely that these structures were destroyed during rioting. If the transporter was destroyed, it would free up extra power but not return any resources. I looked at that planet and the Ripchee happiness is currently 0% - plus there was a notification from a couple of days ago which indicated that citizens were rioting. But likely due to the bug, no subsequent notification about a building being destroyed…



I noticed and trying to rapidly return the planet to positive happiness, not easy I’m finding out. I’m seeing how Syntis having other races are difficult to manage. I was gone a few days and this was the result. And it’s very difficult to find the notifications. Can we suggest a separate option to identify planetary notifications such as this? I couldn’t find a way to separate out the notifications to find the one about the rioting I suspected had occurred.