Unemployment is Bugged

So I assume this is a bug because, while I don’t know 100% how the happiness penalty from unemployment is determined (I haven’t been motivated to derive it yet), I would assume that, given the same total population, a lower unemployment % would have a smaller penalty than a higher %, but when I start building stuff to reduce my unemployment, my happiness penalty increases until I go below 25% and it goes away.
This is my unemployment when I first look at this planet for the day: image

And this is the happiness penalty from that: image

This is my unemployment after adding a power station to the queue: image

And my happiness penalty: image

This has been an issue for a while now. Not sure the cause, but thanks for reporting it.

There’s a correlation to the required number of workers, the higher it is, the higher the penalty.
Just a hunch, but both of those have the same ratio (ignoring the decimal point in penalty), ie
368500 / 737 = 500
372500 / 745 = 500
That feels like a nice round number, so I feel like it will hold up as the explanation, easy enough to check with other planets but I know a 4k colony gets a 0.008 penalty, which also fits

It’s a problem when there is excessive unemployment. Things may look fine in the calculation of the unemployment impact on happiness, then start a building to consume some labor and reduce the unemployment. If it isn’t taking to below the threshhold of 25%, it will all of a sudden drop the happiness into negative territory, when it likely should have been that way all along. Then it will be ok again, then happen again when you begin another building. Haven’t seen it myself yet here in PB, but it happened for a while in early A3 when keeping population employed due to lack of resources to build with was an issue.

I’ve asked one of the devs to look into it, thanks for the info!

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