Unarmed fleets not anymore protected by guard fleets in orbit?

I know, a while ago, civilian fleets were protected by armed fleets in orbit, does it got changed? It seems civilian fleets are not protected anymore by guardian fleets.

It never was this way. When a fleet enters orbit, the game picks a fleet and that fleet fights. It does not look at what the fleet is made for when picking the fleet

Are you refering to your pirate guard fleets as you only have them for the first few days.

It’s supposed to be the highest DPS fleet that engages the attacker.

Supposed to be.

Actually, the game would block any attack on an unarmed fleet until a armed fleet intercepted. I dont know if it is still the case.

interesting, i could very well be wrong. I always assumed it used the same targeting method as ods, as when a new ship pops out of a shipyard, it would always auto battle the same fleet the ods was targeting.

The game blocks any unarmed ship from attacking.@BigBoomer so you were correct in saying it.

Shouldn’t be this way. The strongest fleet, or to make it simple, the fleet with most ships is the one that should defend. Random is stupid.

Pirates usually attack the closest ship. Plus it’s usually the closest fleet that will engage the pirates. So in general the pirates will usually come in from a certain direction most times out of 10 so place your fleet that you want to have engage the pirates closest to where they usually attack in orbit.

Pirates are a joke. They rarely attack my planets and even if they do a 10/10 fleet with T2 destroyers can easily defeat a 14/14 pirate fleet, without loosing a single ship.

the whole npc pirate mechanic isnt well done, however:

A they offer some easy combat experience for new players to learn basic combat mechanics
B they give you farsu / zyril / credits
C u cannot ingore them

you can ignore them, if you have 5 T2 ODS (750 damage) in planets with with parking ships. The issue is more, they spawn sometimes inside the orbit of civilian ships while military ships are present, thats happened to me, where a full cargo fleet (unarmed) got attacked by pirates while there was a full military fleet presence. Thats the reason i have created the thread, because i thought you can’t target civilian fleets while military fleets (guard fleets) are present in orbit.