Unable to play due to constant map scrolling

I have a problem with the map constantly scrolling to deep space from bottom right to top left. When the chat box is open, everything I fine but close the map and planets etc go wooshing of the screen bottom right. Push the back button and galaxy comes back to center but immediately zooms off the screen bottom right . Same happens in solar system view. Open chat box and all is OK, the problem with this is the chat box takes up 25% of screen realty. HELP!

Before launching I think there’s an option to change ke bindings. May be that you’ve got a key jammed? Should unbind any keys you don’t intend to use.

No keys jammed. Even tried unplugging the keyboard. Still the same. I have no problems with any other games or typing. It’s a pity because it looks like it would be a good game.

Have any other controls?

Stop holding the left click button when zooming out.

OK. … not holding any buttons… works OK when chat box is open, although sometimes chat box keeps scrolling up too… close chat box and map goes scrolling off the screen. It’s OK in Base view but click back button - bottom right - to get back to maps and zoom, off the map goes again. I’m stuck playing with chat box open but it takes up a lot of screen real estate. I really want to get into this game but this is very off putting. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing. I have tried unplugging the keyboard and playing mouse only, all to no avail. I have also removed the hotas from USB.

I’ve never had a problem where this continuously happens. And I’ve never had the issue unless I am zooming out or clicking something while holding left click or another button that can mess with the camera angle.

It’s a rare occurrence but every time? Something has to be wrong on your end if it is a constant issue.

I’ve passed this on to the devs to see if anyone has any ideas what this could be related to. I’ve heard of something similar twice before, but each time it was related to another controller plugged in and interfering (steering wheel, joystick).

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I have removed all peripherals from usb ports, (hotas,vr headset and also removed the keyboard), leaving only the mouse plugged in. But still the problem persists. As soon as the game loads, the map zooms off the bottom right of the screen, map view goes off to the top left into deep space. I have no problems using the pc for any other games or in fact any other use of the pc… I also tried another keyboard.

Absolutely no idea, never had this problem to that extent.

Either way, devs will eventually fix it… your PC is weird!1517937985680

I have the EXACT same damn issue - no results on any internet searches or forum searches.

Going down the refund path as I can’t even look at my starting location.

The only thing I can think of, is a possible mouse / software driver issue.

What mouse / software are you using?

Have any joysticks or peddles hooked up? A number of keys on the keyboard also scroll and having the mouse off screen can as well.

I am having the same issue, but scrolls bottom right. Opening chat will not stop it. all other devices disconnected. Using Logitech mouse. Sometimes I get a bug error that is reported, but not sure if thats generating the error.

Edit: Game is totally unplayable. If no one has an answer, I may have to refund until later :frowning:

Edit: Resolved, it seems I did have paddles plugged in. Also not issue didn’t clear until removed and game restarted