UI could use some touching up

The UI can be frustrating. These should all be simple dev fixes.

  1. I have fleet selected and want to travel to a planet but it keeps opening the planet window … I have to zoom in. The labels should be further above the planet, this should fix this problem.

  2. I can’t rename a ship unless i fleet up and separate… very frustrating.

  3. I can’t tell if a ship has a mining module on it. Should be able to see the modules installed when i click on the maginfying glass, but nope. Can’t find any indication if it has a mining module. So I apparently misnamed a ship when i split from fleet (i try to name it according to modules installed, for example M-C-X means it mines cargo and explores.) However, I have one I named M-C-X have defleeting but it says i cant mine because of no mining module when i try to mine. But nothing tells me by looking at the ship whether a mining module is installed. Or I just don’t know where to look?

  1. Hit space-bar and planet tags disappear.

  2. you can rename fleets on the fleet screen.

  3. It’s a pain yes and game could use a better list of a fleets potential ability options.

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Ok, thanks for the information.