Two words about fleets micromanaging

Hello all. I started to play here from pre-beta and sure that this theme appears before, but maybe its interesting to hear “new blood”.

The thing I met in first week of a game is a ton of micromanaging you have to do with fleets. Here are some of them:

  1. There no long routes or queue for the ships. Take a look how its going on in other games, for Example in Hades Star. My opinion is – you have to give multiply orders to fleets – go to the Planet A, refuel, go to the planet B, take resource, go to the Planet C, refuel, drop cargo on planet C, go to planet A, etc. Maybe it will be ok to limit queue – I think 5 actions will be enough and maybe it will be ok if queue actions can be did only when interact with planets that player owns. For sure there is a risk that in the middle of queue order there will be not enough fuel for example, but it’s a player risk and it will be much better
  2. There are no action “move and mine”. Also will be ok if ships could return to planet after mining. I think it can be combined with queue so you can mine this system, than go to other.
  3. When you are coming to new system you do not explore it automatically. I understand, that this was did because other way you can “explore” the orbit where other players fleets are and auto attack it. But when you manually explore planets you also don’t know will you met anything there or not. So my suggestion is – when you pressing explore system and you ships come there – they start to auto explore planets (for example in half hour after arriving).

Why this will bring value to the game? Lets see how its going now. I spend 2 minutes to take fleet to the mining place, than I have to login in 2-3 hours to bring it back, spend 5 minutes to unload it and bring back to mining place. Even for now when there are 4-5 miners it’s a pain. Same with fleets that going from one side of my “realm” to another. Or I have to spend half hour just to explore 9 planets in system.

So – because 9/10 of your player base come here to chill and play for fun, they don’t have time to login every hour for example to give new orders, they start to think that this game is too hardcore and will leave project.


This has been discussed often, I would anticipate improvement here in the future. You might possibly do an advanced search on terms like queue, way points, fleet orders, etc. You might find a few and can add to the original conversations over the 3 Alpha tests.

I think this is an excellent suggestion. We do have something similar to this suggestion for attacks. Attack and return. I would expect something similar could be done for mining. Send to minefield, initiate mining upon arrival, return when asteroid field is depleted or the cargo hold is full. I think this would be an excellent topic on it’s own so others can discuss it by itself and allow it to be easily searchable. There are various flavors of this in other topics as well.

This has also been discussed often, and one player has provided a video on how to safely explore a system. It’s generally not a good idea to let exploration happen “automatically”. One defeats the purpose of “exploration” being a feature of the game and leaves the owner of the “scout” at risk for losing his/her ships easily if they walk away from the game. It’s always a good idea to be present when you are flying through potentially occupied territory.

Excellent write up!

You just pretty much summarised every boring thing I find about the game at the moment. I believe too much automation could be bad, but right now there is too much micromanagement, especially with mining ships.

Though these things seem small, I think changing them in a way you described would be a huge improvement to the game.

Here is where video’s are posted for our reference. Below is the one that @Puma eluded to

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Well, mostly auto exploring will used in the beginning of the game when you have low intel and a low chance to find other player, so i think it will not broke the game for playes

It’s doubtful that it would be implemented, maybe inside a system once you arrive. I could see justification to turn on an auto explore once you arrive safely at the sun. But not when sending long distances and it just explores for you while you are offline.