Troop Withdrawal After Invasion

Please help. I invaded a planet successfully. I pulled out my troops as I prepared to leave and they disappeared. I completed the invasion with 193,000 troops. The transfer screen glitched twice, but eventually showed that they had been transferred to my fleet. Then I checked my troop transports and they were missing. All 193K.

Can you assist?

What was left on the planet for population?

At the moment I pulled the troops, the pop was roughly 400K (half syntis, half Ripchee at roughtly 194K each). I was in the process of abandoning the planet - did I do something wrong? I pulled the pop immediately after I thought I had pulled the troops.

Thanks for the quick reply!


Which galaxy/fleet/planet did this involve (you can PM details if you prefer)?

When you say the transfer screen glitched do you mean it triggered a game client error (the error box in the bottom right of the UI popped up)?

Thanks for reporting this!


Thanks for the reply, Joe. I know you guys are crazy busy.

The Galaxy was Main 2, The System/planet was Ltaris 3E, and the fleet involved was 1st MARDIV.


Note there was no error box. The interface simply failed to execute my troop transfer the first two times I tried to do so.

Hi, thanks for the extra info.

When you transferred away the population to abandon the planet, how large was the population you transferred away?

If it was only a few thousand then it does look like the troops vanished during the initial attempted transfer (from what I can see). If it was close to 200k, then I think the troops didn’t vanish but were converted to personnel instead by being transferred to personnel transport instead of assault troop carriers.

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