Trolling aside, it's been real. Respect devs. Respect COTP

This game is going to be incredible when completed as long as the developers stick to their vision and listen to the whole community. Main 2 has been more fun in any video game than I have had in about 15 years and I know of a few people, who might not post here ever, that agree with me.

I want to point out that in this game it seems that every group’s worst enemy is “the burnout” as it has come to be known. Social / Alliance features and well-balanced mechanics will cure “the burnout”. We just need to allow the developers time to implement these things and balance them.

Respect to COTP—especially those who persisted through the early onslaught and stayed to continue fighting us. Some of you found safe space to develop and have come back to haunt us now.

Respect to Cheatle. You get a lot of crap but you know when you’re wrong and always (mostly…) stay professional. You aren’t afraid to call anyone out on their BS—even your own members.

Respect to the developers for giving us this big sandbox full of spaceboats, pew pew and trickery.

It truly has been a fun experience thus far :slight_smile:

~Black Sails (logo updated)


I hit that burnout in Main1. In Main2, I seem to be doing better than a lot of players and I think it’s because my strategy from day 1 revolves around reducing the amount of time I need to invest in the game. That’s really it. And as far as I can tell, it is the winning strategy right now.

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As its author, I do not endorse the removal the phoenix from that logo!

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I thought that was just to play Syntis.

Many Syntis players seem to think that too… and I keep beating them.

Shots fired! hahaha :slight_smile:

Really, though… There is no denying that Syntis are a bit too ‘easy’ to play… hehe

Don’t get me wrong, I think Syntis are too strong at the moment. But I’d rather fight a sloppy Syntis player than a thoughtful organic player any day of the week hehe.

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I’ve been called sloppy AND organic.


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Totally fair.

I think it’s important people know that we are not JUST here to kill COTP…

We’re here to kill everyone :slight_smile:

I jest, I jest…

I don’t think that will help much with burnout. It could make it worse, depending on what alliance features we’re talking about.

What will cure it is:

  • A complete rethinking of minefields or their complete removal. Minefields are a huge problem for anyone who can’t dedicate hours and hours to the game every day.
  • Armadas: a Fleet of Fleets. We need to be able to group our fleets together and then log out and not get easily picked apart while offline. Today, for example, I temporarily turned a bunch of fleets around because I was about to go out for lunch/errands and didn’t want my corvettes to get killed while I was offline. It’s fairly ridiculous to try and play this game when being offline can set you back far and fast.
  • Sieges: the replacement for Orbital Bombardment. We need to be able to do bombing campaigns while offline. Like minefields, orbital bombardment is a problem for anyone who can’t dedicate many hours to sitting online and babysitting.

Most of the ideas I’ve really pushed have been geared towards addressing burnout, which for me at least comes from this game’s requirement to be online so much and the tremendous advantage a 20 hour-a-day player has over even a 10-hour-a-day player. If you only play this game 2 hours a day you might as well not bother or else just plan on being a slow feeder for someone that’s more active.