Treaty Patch Related Glitches

As it sounds good people post them here or link if you have other threads :slight_smile:

Here is my small one I saw right away:

Re log to Lobby then full game exit & reload didn’t change this though apparently I have a PR logo to @trippdie

In both cases the “pirates” sent ME a Treaty proposal. I sent one to @balbulator. In case that’s relevant @joe
Yup defo incoing requests. is this WAI?

EDIT: Just saw this and hate making an extra post before anyone else has had a chance!

As I manifestly DID have the resources to make these builds and have never seen this message before (when I manually set something to build on an Auto governed world) I suspect a new Bug.

For the pirate icon issue: this will be fixed in a patch we’re going to push tomorrow morning (with a couple of other fixes). But, it won’t fix icons for treaties created before the patch (only recreating the treaty would).

About the 2nd point with auto colony development: I’m not sure exactly what happened. The message “Not enough resources available to enable…” you said you got it each time you manually set a build. Like it went, and came back again after ordering construction? Might be easier to PM me the planet name and I’ll take a look.

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To add to the treaty related bugs, I sent a ship to a friendly planet, which had one T2 orbital defence system, which opened fire on my ship. Their ships made no attempt to intercept, which is a good.

This should have been fixed in 0.971, thanks for reporting it.

I had my first treaty offer expire the other day Joe. And it just vanished from the list. May I suggest that if a treaty offer lapses then it remains on the proposal tab till you remove it but is changed to state its expired etc? Ditto if refused etc?

It would just help keep track of whats been offered and not etc.

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I’ll add a task for it, we have history logs for fleets and planets so would be good to have a way to see some history for treaties also.

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