Transfer All Option and Increased Transfer Limits


So, right now, we can only transfer 1 resource at a time with a maximum of 99,999 at any one time.

I propose this:
A “Transfer All” option below the resources on a fleet - this could be a circle divided into quarters (4 sections) - each section will have a color and letter associated with it:
B with Purple background - Beron
Z with Yellow background - Ziryl
F with Red background - Farsu
L with Light Blue background - Limbalt

This option would allow every resource to transfer over in one go without having to click 4 times to transfer everything, whilst at same time have the transfer limit set to 999,999 as it is almost impossible to reach unless you’ve been hoarding all those resources or have somehow got like 10+ freighters in a single fleet with a flagship.



I agree that the transport limit should be increased to 6 (or preferably 7) digits. But instead of a special transport all button, just provide the ability to transport multiple resources at once and move the confirm button to the bottom. It will have the same effect and number of clicks to use but without the need to design new UI elements.


I just started getting into the 7 digit space. Super annoying having to do 99999 multiple times. Especially when I don’t catch that I’m moving more than five digits, and I hit max out of habit. Arrive at my destination with 10% of the resources. When that involves a 2-day+ round trip it makes me shed a tear.