Trading planets bug

It is very weird, defenses are stood down, but it still takes over 9 hours to invade? Wouldn’t the transfer be instant like colonizers?

No because it’s a invasion. Trades are with colonizers. So if you didn’t have good odds you will lose those troops too.


You could simply colonize it. obtain the troops. then transfer your troops on. We all have those moments of life where we go “duh! it was so obvious”

I don’t think this is working as intended. If defences are stood down I don’t think you should have the option to invade.

I hope that’s not true as you could turn off defenses and stop any invasion from starting. Also means any invasion fleet needs a colonizer to tag along just in case.


It was stated that this was a safe way to gift and/or trade planets because there was no way to know the defences had been disabled and therefore, only the player receiving the planet would know to pick it up.

It was also specifically stated that in order to receive the planet, one would need to colonize it.

With the crippling effect of Corruption on growth and the fact you get more points for an invasion that a simple colonisation… why is anyone even bothering with world gifting?

Its a nice idea but the mechanics are so very broken I really cant see the point right now? What am I missing?

Because when you gift a planet, the original population sticks around. Gift it and then gift it back and…

Also, it was in the agreement to end my little war that my opponent give me back my planet.

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I concede these points.

However I am personally uncomfortable with the idea of “Planet swapping” as you suggest. Can’t put my finger on the exact cause of the unease now but I definitely think it’ll be unbalancing in the long run.

Reply Hazy ask again later :wink:

Basically doubling planet count without having the problem with securing them: the doubling of your max pop, growth rate, on the best planets you were able to find without having to clear the hurdle of competing with another in a war.

Based on the points above it does look to be working as intended. The purpose of this mechanic was to enable a player to pass a planet to another player (without forcing them to accept it, and without needing a more complicated process to do it). So if a fleet is invading, it’s not likely that player is the intended recipient and the planet would defend itself (invasion takes the full time).

But it can be unclear from another player’s perspective. After entering a planet’s orbit they see ground defenses stood down (you can only see this by entering orbit), so could assume an invasion would meet zero resistance. Maybe just a confirmation dialog if attempting to invade a colony with defenses stood down explaining the colony will defend itself if you attempt to take it by force (although the invasion screen is telling you that already).

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